Pepper Matchmaker

The process of finding the perfect pepper match can be discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be. Not when you’ve got a Glanbia Matchmaker who is eager to find that right cheese just for you.

Introducing the new Glanbia Pepper Jack Cheese

Matchmaking is both an art and science. Each pepper cheese has its own complex flavor, taste and functional attributes and is not always compatible with different food or process needs. Combining scientific discoveries along with award-winning pepper cheese artistry, we will guide you in discovering a perfect match for your market needs.

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Classic Pepper Jack

Mild and Handsome

If you’re looking for a tried and true classic that exceeds your expectations, then I’m your pick. Not all pepper jack cheeses are the same, and I have the records to prove it. With more than 9 World and US Cheese Championship medals under my belt, I am what you call a world class match with a history of delivering just a little bit more than you expect both in appearance and heat.


Sweet Heat Habañero Jack

Sweet and Spicy

With red habañero pepper flakes spread throughout my Monterey Jack cheese body, I’m a great match if you’re looking for sweet heat in every bite. While I’m mellow on the taste buds, I do get noticed when I am out. For two years running, I’ve won gold at both the World and US Cheese Championships. I’m a great cheese to dress up or dress down.


Red Hot Habañero Jack

Spicy Knockout

If Sweet Heat Habañero Jack isn’t hot enough for you, then I’m your new flame. Dressed in the same consistency of akes as the Sweet Heat Habañero, I am what you call “a little spicier” (thanks to nature and Glanbia’s R&D department). Born on a wave of creamy Monterey Jack cheese, my edgy, hot ames will have you burning for another bite.


Ghost Pepper Jack

Heat Seeker

If you’re looking for passion and heat that would make Dante get out of the kitchen, I was made for you. We’re talking hot spelled, “Bhut Jolokia,” the hottest pepper around. Combined in a Monterey Jack cheese, I have a mild side to balance my molten kick of spice. In the end, I always keep my promise, and keep things interesting by leaving a little mystery in each bite.

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