How Food Manufacturers Can Prepare for Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

How Food Manufacturers Can Prepare for Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

The 2024 Summer Olympics will put a global spotlight on sports nutrition, and brands are already preparing. Here’s a look at trending nutrition topics like mental health and what they mean for the newest Olympic sports.


  • The 2024 Summer Olympics will have new sports to make the games more inclusive and relevant for the next generation.
  • Sports nutrition companies are preparing for the Olympics by offering products that support athletes' nutritional needs, including personalized performance nutrition, as well as growing trends in mental health, energy, and endurance nutrition.
  • Brands can offer products that support mental health, natural energy boosters, and endurance nutrition. 

New Sports in the 2024 Summer Olympics

In March 2024, France will begin hosting the next Summer Olympics. Most events will take place in Paris, while others will be held in other cities across France or in Tahiti (for the surfing competition). 

The Paris Games will be showcasing a brand new Olympic sport—breaking (also known as break dancing)—in an effort to encourage inclusive, youth-centered games that reward both athleticism and creativity. The 2024 Olympics will also see the return of skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing, which previously debuted at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

three girls skateboarding

These sports choices represent the new vision of the International Olympic Committee of making the Olympics more accessible and relevant for the next generation. The advent of Olympic breaking, skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing are expected to inspire children across the world to give sports a try.

Performance Nutrition Trends

Sports nutrition companies are ready with products that can support athletes’ most important nutritional needs such as complex carbohydrates, electrolytes, and protein in snackable and beverage formats. However, athletes at the top also rely on personalized performance nutrition to give them an edge—a trend that’s moving into the mainstream.

As manufacturers plan ahead for the Olympics, they can also consider the growing interest in nutrition for mental health, energy, and endurance when formulating and launching new products. With all eyes on the world’s top athletes (and their diet and exercise tips and tricks), the 2024 Olympics represents a great opportunity for the sports nutrition industry.

Mental Health Nutrition

With the upcoming Olympics catering to younger participants and viewers with the new sports, it’s time for brands to tap into the needs and interests of Gen Z consumers if they haven’t already. That includes offering products that can support mental health by keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

man drinking water

For athletes, mental health is foundational for the focus and planning required in events like sport climbing (particularly boulder and lead climbing) and skateboarding. Mental wellness waters with ingredients such as ashwagandha, dandelion extract, and ginseng are examples of recent innovations in this area.

Supporting Energy

Energy is also trending big, with energy drinks leading growth in the functional beverage market. High energy is critical in sports like breaking, where participants have only 60 seconds to impress judges on performance and technique, and in the speed climbing category of sport climbing. Natural energy boosters like green tea extract and B vitamins are a growing trend in this category.

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Glanbia Nutritionals’ Webinar: Navigating the Growth Potential of Energy & Performance

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Nutrition for Endurance

While nutrition that promotes endurance is a mainstay for Olympic long-distance swimmers, cyclists, and runners, it will also be important to the new competitive surfers, whose “heats” can last around 30 minutes. Pre- and post-workout nutrition that includes hydration and potassium for endurance will help prevent fatigue and keep the muscles in top shape. The Paris Games Mass Participation Marathon is also sure to get the public thinking about the best nutrition products for endurance.

Winning with Nutrition

As your company considers the best strategy for capitalizing on the excitement of the 2024 Summer Olympics, rest assured that Glanbia Nutritionals has the sports performance ingredients— from proteins and amino acids to vitamins, minerals, and bioactives—to help you develop winning products for the sports nutrition market. Create new benefits and markets for your beverage, bar, or snack with our easy-add custom premix solutions.

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