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Webinar: Navigating the Growth Potential of Energy & Performance

The area of energy and performance is broad, and there’s an overwhelming amount of ingredients and products on the market claiming to increase one’s energy. 

As part of Glanbia Nutritionals’ Perform Better campaign around Athletic & Sports Performance, we’re excited to team up with Nick Morgan, Director of Nutrition Integrated, to map out the landscape of energy and performance, provide some clarity, and talk to the most interesting growing territories within this space for brands to explore. Join us for this can’t miss live event.

Duration: 45 minutes 
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 5th at 8am PT/10am CT



This webinar is best for:

  • Product formulators and R&D scientists
  • Brand & product managers in the nutrition space

All registrants & attendees will receive access to our Athletic & Sports Performance eGuide, packed with consumer insights, how we see the category trends playing out today, and what these trends could mean for the future of this space.  

Meet Our Presenters

Nick Morgan







Nick Morgan
Director, Nutrition Integrated - a leading data and insights company

Nick is an expert voice on the evolution of the sports and active nutrition category, and particular the role of strategy and innovation. Nick has previously worked with elite athletes as an Exercise Physiologist, as well as managed applied nutrition research programs at GSK.








Meghan Wahlin
Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Glanbia Nutritionals

With nearly two decades of experience in the Food & Beverage industry including B2B and B2C, Meghan brings extensive knowledge and experience working with ingredients and brands. She has held various roles in the Glanbia organization with particular interest in the active and sports nutrition category.


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