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The leader in high-yield 65% glycerol powder

Accelerate the pump with GlyceroMax, the industry’s first stable, highly concentrated form of powdered glycerol. GlyceroMax is a convenient way to deliver that all-important pump sensation to athletes engaged in power lifting and body building or regular gym goers looking for an edge. 


The Pioneer

GlyceroMax is the pioneer of high-yield glycerol powder and has been available to the market since 2015.


GlyceroMax has a well established relationship with Global brands.

  • 100+ products launched
  • 21+ countries.


GlyceroMax is the only high-yield branded glycerol powder with a pilot human study indicating a positive efficacy during exercise.*


Glanbia has extensive experience collaborating with leading Sports Nutrition brands and comans to provide an unrivaled set of solutions for creating products that build muscle, accelerate recovery and increase endurance.



GlyceroMax is a proprietary blend of glycerol and silica, providing a shelf-stable glycerol powder at a much higher percentage of glycerol (65%) than glycerol monostearate (GMS). GMS becomes unstable over time as it absorbs water and therefore low concentrations (5-12%) are required to prevent degradation.


GlyceroMax allows for a larger dose of active material to fit into a smaller space making it more feasible for traditional serving size finished products. Takes 10x less material to get same amount of glycerol as conventional GMS products.


GlyceroMax is water dispersible making it an easy inclusion in ready-to-mix powder applications.


Method Benchmark

GlyceroMax was used to establish the gold standard analytical method for glycerol powder. Other methods of analysis used to verify glycerol powder potency have a tendency to underestimate the percentage of active glycerol.

Tests Positive 

GlyceroMax accurately tests out at 65% or higher glycerol content but never under like other high-yield glycerol powders on the market.


Prop 65 compliant – At its most optimized dose level, GlyceroMax remains Prop 65 compliant while other high-yield glycerol powders on the market do not.

Sports Nutrition Product Focus

Ideal Applications

*Study not published. Data on file.

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