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Achieving a Sustainable Future

Our sustainability commitments are central to living our values and meeting our company vision of earning trust and enriching lives. Glanbia Nutritionals is 100% aligned with the commitment of Glanbia plc and all of its businesses.

Putting Sustainable Growth at the Heart of Our Business Model

In recent years we've established a long term sustainability strategy, Pure Food + Pure Planet, which signs up to Science Based Targets and sets specific reduction and mitigation goals to 2030. Glanbia’s long term strategy aims to accelerate our ambition to put sustainable growth at the heart of our business model.

For an overview of Glanbia’s Sustainability Initiatives, visit here.

Pure Food + Pure Planet Strategy

Our sustainability strategy outlines ambitious goals across our three priority areas – carbon, waste and water. Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our strategy also commits to Science Based Targets. It is underpinned by scientific analysis to ensure that Glanbia meets the levels of decarbonization called for in the Paris Agreement.

We recognize how deeply connected food systems are to the planet’s resources. We have aggressively identified gaps and are pursuing initiatives to meet our goals. We regularly report on our progress to ensure our overall ESG targets reflect on our sustainability strategy of delivering better nutrition responsibly.

For a complete look at the Pure Food + Pure Planet Strategy, visit here.

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