Plant-Based Solutions

Our portfolio provides high-quality plant-based protein, flaxseed, chia, quinoa and oat ingredients that give your products outstanding safety, nutrition and flavor.

We work with your team to provide safe, clean label nutritional ingredients that are easier to incorporate into a range of applications so that you can give your consumers nutritionally packed, gluten-free, plant-based products they are sure to enjoy.  All of our ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher.

BEV Solutions

BEV Solutions provide great nutrition and improve the texture of beverage and creamy food applications due to their unique functionality. BEV solutions incorporate our unique MicroSure™ Plus heat treatment to ensure our ingredients are the safest on the market. Our BEV plant-based ingredients deliver solutions for beverages, powdered drink mixes, plant-based milk, yogurt, ice cream and dressings without the grittiness found in standard plant-based options.

Our Solutions


BevFlax Solutions combine excellent stability and a smooth mouthfeel with the exceptional nutritional value of protein, fiber, and Omega-3 ALA. Our MeadowPure™ sorting and selection systems ensure our BevFlax ingredients have a guaranteed shelf life of two years, maintain nutrition and are easy to incorporate into a variety of beverages and creamy foods.    

BevOat® Low Viscosity

BevOat Low Viscosity allows you to incorporate the benefits of BevOat at a higher inclusion rate so you can include more glucan and healthy nutrients into your beverages and creamy foods. BevOat Low Viscosity is MicroSure™ Plus heat-treated to deliver the safest ingredient and due to our OatSecure™ system is guaranteed to have <10ppm gluten. 

OatPure® Irish Oats

With <10ppm gluten and an NSF certified gluten-free OatSecure™ closed loop supply chain process, OatPure Irish oats are guaranteed to be gluten free. Processed in a food safe, BRC Grade AA milling and packaging facility. Available in steel cut oats, quick cook oats, and jumbo flakes varieties. Shelf life of 18 months.

Plant-Based Protein

Our plant-based protein solutions deliver the benefit of protein fortification and improve the taste, texture and functionality of a range of applications. We ensure our plant-based protein ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and have good supply continuity. Our protein solutions are designed to specifically improve beverages, snacks, and prepared foods.

Our Solutions

BarHarvest® Pea Protein

BarHarvest Pea Protein provides protein fortification, and is an allergen-free, gluten-free, kosher protein ingredient that delivers excellent performance. BarHarvest is designed to improve the shelf life, moisture and soft texture of bars, cookies and other baked goods.

HarvestPro® Proteins

HarvestPro Proteins are allergen free, gluten-free and kosher protein ingredients that deliver excellent protein and performance in beverages, creamy foods, snacks, baked products and prepared foods.

HarvestPro Pea XtraSmooth Protein provides a smooth mouthfeel and excellent dispersibility. 

SNACK Solutions

SNACK Solutions are clean label, provide great nutrition and improve the texture of snack products. Our SNACK Solutions incorporate our MicroSure™ Plus heat-treatment to ensure our ingredients are safe for ready-to-eat foods. Our SNACK plant-based ingredients provide excellent solutions for bars, granola, no-bake doughs, cereals as well as bulk food displays.

Our Solution


SnackFlax Solutions provide excellent nutrition and texture with a balance of ALA Omega-3 fiber, protein and superior flavor. Our MeadowPure™ sorting and selection systems ensure SnackFlax ingredients have a guaranteed shelf life of two years. SnackFlax Solutions are minimally processed, free of chemicals and are easy to incorporate into a variety of bars and snacks.  

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