Nutgrain bar


Come visit us at stand 8G73 of Health Ingredients Europe from the 27th to 29th of November in Frankfurt, Germany

We will present a diverse range of ingredients and expert industry knowledge through a range of solutions at Health Ingredients Europe 2018. A team of experts will be on hand to discuss the extensive offerings surrounding health-conscious solutions, high-protein ingredients, and supplements for bone and joint health.


Healthy nutritious snack bar

Featuring in the HiE Innovation Tour, we will showcase a trail bar packed with clean label ingredients, appealing to the health-conscious consumer looking for a nutritious convenient snack. Featuring an impressive 10g of protein per 35g bar, with a satisfyingly crispy mouth feel, the indulgent nut-and cereal bar is high in whey protein, and packed with cranberries, chocolate, almonds and Glanbia’s gluten-free OatPure oats. The bar also contains Glanbia’s BarFlex® 191 Whey Protein , offering a total of 4.6g of fibre and 3.5g of sugar per bar.


Mindful nutrition

One of our focuses is convenient solutions for the nutrition-conscious consumer, which we will highlight through a plant-based high protein drink. The vanilla flavoured Ready-to-Mix powder offers a clean tasting beverage packed with HarvestPro Pea Protein, omega 3, fibre, and with more than 20g of protein per serving. Providing such clear health benefits in the form of a convenient drinkable snack resonates with today’s health-conscious consumers who are looking towards mindful choices in their daily nutrition. The RTM combines multiple free-from features such as gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free in a pleasant vanilla taste that requires no additional sugar. Featuring ingredients such as; BevGrad® gluten free oats for a good source of fibre and offering a silky mouth feel, along with BevGrad® XtraSmooth a good source of ALA-Omega 3.


Multivitamin immune support

We will also be demonstrating our supplement and pre-mix solutions with a RTM drink packed with vitamins, minerals and active ingredients from Curcuma to support a healthy immune system. Containing folic acid, selenium, zinc and vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D, the supplement contributes to normal immune system by protecting cells from oxidative stress. Further features include the use a new bioactive ingredient based on Curcuma, CuroWhite, an encapsulated colourless, non-staining powder for easier supplement manufacturing. It combines antioxidant benefits with greater bioavailability and stability. The highly soluble and homogenous RTM powder has a serving size of just 2g in 200ml of water, delivering a honey-lemon flavour in a convenient format.


Supplementing joint health

We will also be presenting AcuJoint, an advanced botanical complex that has been scientifically proven to positively effect joint mobility and comfort. With a combination of curcumin, Boswellia, black pepper oil and ginger extract, the low dosage serving size is just 250mg per 1 tablet. When compared with Glucosamine-Chondroitin, patients with osteoarthritis in their knees recorded reduced complaints. Through the use of AcuJoint vegan joint health supplements, capsules and gummies can be formulated with better bioavailability through its innovative formulation in a turmeric matrix.


“Glanbia takes pride in its ability to continuously innovate and this year is no different for us. We are very excited to showcase our new solutions at HiE and demonstrate how functional ingredients and supplements can be used in creative new ways to add to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. This year we have placed a special focus on convenient health and nutrition, which as a trend is continuing to grow at an impressive rate,” comments Dagmar Ortlepp, Marketing Manager at Glanbia Nutritionals. Ortlepp adds, “HiE is truly great event for us, and we are looking forward to connecting with visitors and fellow exhibitors alike.”


For more information, please visit us at HiE on stand 8G73, to meet the experts and discover its comprehensive portfolio of nutritional and functional solutions.

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