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OatPure™: Fewer than 10ppm Gluten Oats

Ingredient innovator Glanbia Nutritionals announces the US launch of its OatPure™ gluten-free oats.

Guaranteeing fewer than 10 parts per million (ppm) gluten, OatPure™ gluten-free oats exceed industry specifications and offer complete gluten-free integrity. Glanbia’s exceptional standards and tightly secured processing methods ensure that the risk of contamination is eliminated to produce pure and fully traceable gluten-free oats.Current labeling guidelines from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) state that food products must contain fewer than 20 ppm to bear a gluten-free claim.

Glanbia’s fully owned, NSF certified 14 step OatSecure™ closed loop supply chain process guarantees a remarkably high level of protection from seed to end product, providing manufacturers with peace of mind and absolute assurance of the provenance of the ingredient.To ensure complete food safety, the oats are dried within three days of harvest and heat treated using an independently validated 4.6 log kill step, which eliminate pathogens and mycotoxin growth. These processes also help extend the shelf life of the oats to 18 months – a significant increase compared to standard oats.

Glanbia’s agronomists work closely with a select team of growers in Ireland to select, test, monitor and harvest the seed. Using one variety, the Barra seed, ensures a consistent crop each time, while the seed testing process has zero tolerance for gluten contamination from other, gluten containing grains. The land is GPS monitored for full traceability while the seed is handled with dedicated gluten-free, oat-only equipment.

It is also examined at all growth stages to optimize rotation, minimize the risk of cross-contamination and ensure the highest quality of pure oats for harvest. Glanbia’s state-of-the-art, dedicated oat only specialist milling facility in Portlaoise, Ireland, operates to Grade AA BRC accreditation. Here, trained Glanbia Agrifood personnel implement an audited sampling, labeling and tracking process with gluten-free equipment to deliver a fully traceable end product guaranteed to offer fewer than 10 ppm gluten.

Suitable for a range of baked goods, snacks and breakfast items including bars, cookies, breads and cereals, OatPure™ oats contain fiber, protein and beta glucans for an enhanced nutritional profile. Thanks to their exceptional gluten-free purity, Glanbia’s OatPure™ oats have been licensed by Coeliac UK, the Coeliac Society of Ireland and the Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations (FACE) to carry the crossed grain symbol.“The gluten-free category has transitioned from a trend into a mainstream sensation, embraced by consumers to meet their lifestyle choice,” says Danielle Black, Product Manager, Glanbia Nutritionals. “With this sector accounting for 28% of US food product launches in 2015 according to Mintel, it’s clear that manufacturers must continue to innovate to deliver diverse solutions that meet consumers’ needs.

“We’re excited to introduce OatPure™ gluten-free oats to the US market, enabling us to expand and complement our specialty grain and gluten free ingredient portfolios. Our rigorous, carefully monitored OatSecure closed loop supply chain enables Glanbia agronomists to follow the crop at every step of the production process, through growing, harvesting, processing and storage.

This absolute control is critical to consistently deliver a guaranteed gluten-free oat with full traceability and integrity so manufacturers can have complete confidence in the quality and safety of Glanbia’s OatPure™ gluten-free oats. Plus, with great application versatility and superior taste and nutrition, OatPure™ oats offer huge market potential,” Danielle adds. Glanbia’s OatPure™ gluten-free oats were introduced to the European market in November 2014 and are now available across North America. For more information, visit Glanbia Next Generation Grains website.

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