CreaBev™ to Debut at Food ingredients Europe 2019

Visit Our Team at Stand 6G60

We are excited to introduce our new beverage solution CreaBev™ to European audiences for the first time at this year’s FiE. The innovative solution for superior performance beverages, features a patent pending encapsulation technology that facilitates a more soluble and stable creatine monohydrate. Alongside this new addition, we will highlight its extensive experience in bar formulation with two bars featuring Crunchie™ Milk Protein Crisps and plant-based ingredients. 

CreaBev: Superior stability and dispersion 

With the global sports nutrition market valued at a staggering $20.3 billion in 2018 according to Euromonitor, it is no surprise that ingredients such as creatine monohydrate, with a value on its own of $100 million, continues to be a staple ingredient for this market. The issue with using standard creatine monohydrate in Ready-to-Drink (RTD) and Ready-to-Mix (RTM) formulations is that it has poor solubility in water and is unstable due to its degradation to waste product creatinine. 

CreaBev solves both of these issues, with a recent study showing that in neutral pH RTD, after 3 months approximately 95% of standard creatine monohydrate has already been converted to creatinine, with only 5% creatine monohydrate remaining. By 12 months 100% has completely been degraded, while 70% of creatine monohydrate in CreaBev remained stable with only 30% degradation to creatinine after 12 months. Additionally, CreaBev does not crystalize when exposed to Ultra Heat Treatment or  precipitate like standard forms of creatine monohydrate. With such superior stability and dispersion, CreaBev opens up new beverage formulation opportunities for manufacturers. This exciting new ingredient will feature in the New Products Zone at FiE.

Bar excellence 

The healthy snacking market has seen phenomenal growth in the past five years, no more so than in the bar market where according to Innova there has been an impressive 22% CAGR between 2013 and 2017 in launch claims for ‘healthy snacking bar’.  Tapping into this trend we will present a Sea Salt Caramel Crisp Bar featuring its new Crunchie Milk Protein Crisps. With 20g of high-quality protein per bar from our Crunchie Milk Protein Crisps, BarFlex®, partially hydrolysed whey protein isolate, whey protein ingredient BevWise® and BarPro® Milk Protein, this bar offers a satisfying nutritious snack. The added crunchy texture and clean flavour from the protein crisps, along with a high fibre content means it’s not only clean tasting, but nutritious too. 

The growth in bars is more than evenly matched in the food industry by the plant-based and sustainable nutrition trend. In fact, the plant-based ingredient market is estimated to increase from $18.5 billion in 2019 to $40.6 billion by 2025, according to recent research from Markets and Markets. We’ll demonstrate our experience in formulation with a plant-based nutrition bar featuring a range of plant ingredients including BevOat and BevFlax Xtra Smooth. This perfect on-the-go healthy snack is suitable for Vegan diets and is high in fibre and Omega 3.  

“As ever we are excited to be back at FiE this year, and we are looking forward to introducing CreaBev to the European market,” said Tara Bane, European Marketing Manager at Glanbia Nutritionals. “With hot topics such as plant-based and clean label ingredients, innovative formulation, and healthy nutrition all on the agenda, Glanbia is well placed to showcase its superior ingredients, expertise and know-how at FiE 2019.” 

Bane adds, “At Glanbia we continually strive to innovate and develop our capabilities in order to maintain our leading industry position. We welcome visitors to come to the stand to find out how we can help them overcome ingredients and formulation challenges to get ahead in their markets.” 

For more information, please visit us at stand 6G60 at FiE 2019 to meet with experts and discover our innovative range of nutritional solutions. 

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