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MegaTrends for 2024 & Beyond: Co-Creation

Our last MegaTrend sheds light on the Innova Top 10 Trend #1: Ingredients Taking the Spotlight, a trend that aligns seamlessly with the philosophy of Glanbia…
woman gardening

MegaTrends for 2024 & Beyond: Authenticity

These two trends from Innova Market Insights’ Top 10 Trends focuses on unveiling the power of authenticity and how consumer choice is shaping trends.
woman with shopping bags

MegaTrends for 2024 & Beyond: Refocusing

In a world where health and vitality are at the forefront of daily life, we believe that consumers are Re-Focusing on what their health goals are with a…
woman eating muffin

MegaTrends for 2024 & Beyond: Eatopia

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer trends, conscious indulgence is gaining momentum and may redefine the way consumers approach their daily nutrition…
cali cali

Powering Your Innovation

Follow our collaboration journey with breakthrough Irish food brand Cali Cali. From concept through launch, see how Glanbia Nutritionals helped power the…

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