Healthy Frozen Desserts

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Healthy frozen desserts poised to grab more market share
in 2019

For years, the idea of a great-tasting, guilt free frozen dessert has always been just that — largely an idea. Then Halo Top came along, racking up $342.2 million in sales during 2016 and upending what frozen desserts can be.

As Max Maxwell, manager, market intelligence, for Glanbia Nutritionals recently told Nutritional Outlook:

"Halo Top was the tipping point, is the tipping point, and continues to be the tipping point. The healthy frozen-dessert category is poised to grow much further than it already has, and it largely began with Halo Top."

The formula for success has been laid down: Low in calories and sugar, loaded with protein and fiber, and sporting a squeaky-clean label. From great taste to a healthy ingredient profile, consumers want to have it all: no guilt and added nutrition. Products like Halo Top, and ones that followed and are yet to come, gladly tell them what they want to hear.

These new products are the latest in a long line of healthy desserts, but they actually taste good, pack a powerful nutrient profile, and have a pleasant mouthfeel. That’s thanks to new ingredients and formulations that can deliver protein and cut back on sugar and artificial flavors and colors without tasting bland or gummy.

Maxwell went on to talk about some of the trends that are coming in frozen desserts, including a broader approach that will include plant-based proteins alongside the dairy proteins now used in most brands. He also points out that the use of sugar alternatives such as stevia, monk fruit, honey and agave-type sweeteners will keep sugar profiles low.

"What started with Halo Top in the frozen dairy space could well expand into plant-based frozen desserts,” he predicted. “Imagine a pea protein- or bean protein-based dessert, maybe even with a probiotic. We’re just at the beginning of the growth and expansion of this category."

"In the future, look for more growth in single-serve options, as well as a continued thinning or elimination of stabilizers, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors — pretty much anything that has a long name or a chemical sound", he added.
To learn more about Glanbia’s full line of ingredient solutions and our ongoing research in the frozen-dessert space, contact us today.

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