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Our nutritional supplements are designed to enhance a wide range of physical functions so people of all ages and abilities can live healthier and more energetic lives.

From healthier hearts and bones, to better immune and digestive function, our science-based solutions target a broad spectrum of health benefits. We’re always innovating new formulations and formats—from capsules and gummies, to tablets and powders–to help keep people at their best.


Our proteins, including many plant-based options, offer superior nutrition and functional properties—like flavor, solubility and stability—too help sustain overall health and wellness.

Our Solutions

Avonlac™ Whey Protein Concentrates

These concentrates offer excellent nutritional value and have a pleasant, creamy flavor. They’re completely soluble across a wide pH range, and are available straight or instantized with protein content from 34% to 80%. Avonlac™ is an excellent solution for infant nutrition, dairy products, dry mixes, beverage mixes and bakery products.

Thermax® Heat-Stable Whey Proteins

These proteins offer excellent nutritional value and have a pleasant, mild flavor. Manufactured from sweet whey using an advanced ultrafiltration process, Thermax® proteins are designed for UHT and retort processing conditions. They’re heat-stable at neutral pH, soluble over a wide pH range and available with protein content from 34% to 90%. Thermax® is an excellent solution for a wide variety of RTD beverages.

Provon® Whey Protein Isolates

Created using the cross-flow microfiltration process pioneered and optimized by Glanbia Nutritionals, these whey protein isolates have exceptional purity and contain the full spectrum of undenatured proteins naturally found in whey. Neutrally flavored, soluble in a wide pH range and available straight or instantized, Provon® is an excellent solution for fortified beverages, nutrition bars, dietetic products, dairy/frozen desserts, sports beverages and nutritional dry mixes.

Solmiko Milk Proteins

These milk protein concentrates (MPC) and milk protein isolates (MPI) are excellent sources of native casein and whey proteins. Solmiko milk proteins offer superior flavor, solubility and heat stability and are an ideal solution for applications where low micro counts, functionality and flavor are critical, including RTD and RTM beverages, sports nutrition bars and fresh dairy products.

BarPro™ 290

Modified milk protein isolate with enhanced functional characteristics designed to extend the shelf life of nutrition bars and minimize bar hardening. BarPro can be used as a sole protein source in making nutrition bards with high levels of dairy protein.

BevWise® A100@ Protein Systems

A unique, acidified whey protein isolate system formulated to provide an excellent protein source, clarity and better flavour expression in high acid beverages.

Plant-Based Nutrition

Plant-based nutrition takes on new levels of ease and function at Glanbia Nutritionals.  Our portfolio provides safe, clean label, quality plant-based ingredients and protein that are non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher.

Our Solutions

BevChia™ Omega-3

BevChia Omega-3 is an excellent source of fiber, protein, calcium and ALA Omega-3.  It is heat treated using our MicroSure™ Plus technology to ensure a safe, stable and fully nutritious ingredient, and BevChia provides better texture, dispersability and beverage viscosity perfect for beverages and creamy foods.

BevFlax™ XtraSmooth

BevFlax XtraSmooth provides excellent stability and a smooth mouthfeel. It has an exceptional nutritional profile containing protein, fiber, and Omega-3 ALA. It has been heat treated using our MicroSure Plus process, resulting in the safest flax in the industry.


BevOat combine MicroSure™ Plus heat-treatment technology with super-fine, cold-milling technology to deliver the safest ingredients without the grittiness found in standard plant-based options.  Our NSF-certified, gluten-free OatSecure™ closed-loop supply chain guarantees BevOat has <10ppm gluten.  BevOat maintains nutrition and is easy to incorporate into a variety of beverages and creamy foods. 

BevOat™ Low Viscosity

BevOat Low Viscosity allows you to incorporate the benefits of BevOat at a higher inclusion rate so you can include more glucan and healthy nutrients into your beverages and creamy foods.  BevOat Low Viscosity is MicroSure™ Plus heat-treated to deliver the safest ingredient and due to our OatSecure™ system is guaranteed to have <10ppm gluten.

BevEdge™ Pea Protein

BevEdge Pea Protein is a unique, non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher ingredient that has excellent stability and a smooth flow rate and offers superior dispersibility and flavor in beverages and powdered drink mixes.  

HarvestPro® Pea XtraSmooth

HarvestPro Pea XtraSmooth Protein is an allergen free, gluten-free and kosher protein that delivers excellent performance in beverages and baked goods.


We use advanced processing technologies to make bioactive ingredients that are designed to improve specific physical functions, including weight management, immune response, mental performance and heart, bone and digestive health.

Our Solutions

Prolibra® Weight Management System

Whey protein derived ingredient that targets fat loss for healthy weight management.


A natural, biologically active peptide. It is isolated from fresh sweet whey using advanced fractionation separation technologies. This unique separation and processing technology results in maximum bioactivity. It’s available in RTM powder format.

CFM® Nitro P (Actinos)

A specially developed fraction of whey designed for use in pre-workout products. It’s available in RTM powder, RTD beverage, tablet, capsule and nutrition bar formats.

Bioferrin® Lactoferrin

This natural, bioactive milk protein is isolated from fresh, sweet whey using advanced fractionation and separation processing technologies. It’s a natural source of iron, an effective antimicrobial, and can enhance immune and anti-inflammatory function. Bioferrin® Lactoferrin is an excellent solution for infant formula, food supplement, cosmetics, ready to mix powders, beverages, tablets, capsules and bars.

NutraSol® Functional Protein Fortification Systems

Milk protein ingredients that provide protein fortification in food and beverage systems that require specific functionality requirements. They’re an excellent solution for fortified beverages, sports beverages and nutritional dry mixes.


A unique combination of dairy peptides and proteins. These proteins and peptides have been enriched and isolated using various purification technologies to preserve its unique properties. Available for use in ready-to-mix powders and ready-to-drink beverages.


These instantized BCAAs allow for cold water dispersibility and easy inclusion into RTM powder and RTD beverage applications.


A vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK- 7). The first-in-class, only clinically researched vitamin K2 (MK- 7) which helps the body properly utilize calcium to build healthy bone tissue while inhibiting calcium deposits in the arteries and blood vessels. Only vitamin K2 as (MK-7) is clinically validated and patented for cardiovascular benefits. It’s available in RTM powder, RTD beverage, tablet, capsule, softgel and functional food formats.


An advanced omega-3 powder allowing for the ability to formulate omega-3’s into powdered multi-ingredient supplement applications including direct compression tableting. Its patented technology and enhanced composition offer clear advantages over standard fish and krill oils. This includes avoiding issues with auto-oxidation, limited shelf-life, sensitivities to air, heat, light and humidity, and undesirable “fish-burps”. It’s available in RTM powder, tablet and capsule formats.

TruCal® Milk Mineral Complex

Natural milk minerals for optimal bone health. It’s available in RTM powder,  RTD beverage, capsule and tablet formats, and is an excellent solution for yogurt, nutrition bars, processed dairy products, bakery, cereals and snacks.


This premium quality peptide is created using advanced fractionation and separation technologies and is infused with partially hydrolyzed sweet whey protein isolate. It’s available in RTM powder format.

Custom Nutrient Premixes

We combine the highest quality ingredients to create custom premixes that help your nutritional supplements perform better—nutritionally, functionally and operationally.

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