man drinking protein shake

Glanbia Nutritionals at FIBO 2017

Glanbia Nutritionals is offering the unique opportunity to meet our experts at an Innovation Clinic during the FIBO exhibition on April 6-7 in Cologne, Germany.

Visitors to the Innovation Clinic will be the first to experience our innovative Sports Nutrition developments, evolved according to the newest market trends and insights. Innovative concepts we will be showcasing include our plant-based fatigue-fighting Superfood Infusion, a  weight management breakfast shake targeting sports enthusiasts, and a high protein hot coffee drink to increase the daily protein intake of body builders.

We will:

  • Highlight the CapsiAtra® experience, the metabolic benefit of hot pepper without the pungency.
  • Showcase the full power of hydrolyzed whey protein as a heat stable solution, our ProTherma™.
  • Demonstrate how AminoBlast® delivers your BCAA in new soluble form.

To learn more about Glanbia Nutritionals’ expanding portfolio of nutritional and functional solutions please contact us today.

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