Glanbia Nutritionals Launches TechVantage™ at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva

TechVantage™ functionally optimised nutrient technologies platform provides improved functionality within supplement, beverage and food products.

Glanbia Nutritionals, global ingredient and service solution provider, is launching TechVantage™ at this year’s world nutraceutical event, Vitafoods Europe. A functionally optimised nutrient technology platform, TechVantage will provide customers nutrient solutions with stability enhancements, the ability to mask flavours/colours and solubility/flowability improvements.

Today more than ever, there is a need for formulations which can meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated supplement, beverage, and food product applications. Drawing on more than 30 years of industry experience, TechVantage’s functionally optimised nutrient technologies cover a plethora of challenges and demands such as optimising the colour, clarity, taste, stability, dispersibility and bioavailability of products. 

The in-house technologies within the TechVantage platform are NutraShield™ Microcencapsulations, UniTrit™ Triturations and GranulPlex™ Granulations, each of which have their own benefits:  

  • NutraShield microencapsulated nutrients provide a protective matrix around each nutrient, enhancing their impact and function in a variety of ways — including masking odours and flavours, improving stability, controlling colour intensity, converting oils to powders and delaying the release of nutrients.
  • UniTrit triturated nutrients are standardised on a carrier for homogeneous delivery of nutrients, allowing for easier distribution of nutrients in the final blend and for ease of scaling with less overages. 
  • GranulPlex granulated nutrients are formed through creating single particles from multiple small and large particles, allowing for improved instantization, dispersibility and a better performing compressible powder. 

The Glanbia Nutritionals functionally optimised nutrient portfolio covers a wide variety of categories, including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, sweeteners, carbohydrates, fats (oils), botanicals, fibres and acids. This portfolio provides dramatic improvements to manufacturers’ production of tablets, chewables, effervescents, gummies, powder drink mixes, beverages and more.   

Josh Stewart, Senior Product Manager, Premix Solutions at Glanbia Nutritionals, says: 

“The development and creation of our TechVantage platform leverages decades of microencapsulation, granulation and trituration knowledge and experience, and we have created it with the challenges and demands faced by many of our customers in mind. TechVantage will give our partners greater end-product functionality while mitigating formulation difficulties and production headaches in the manufacturing of their products.”

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