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Premium Source of Iron Binding & Immune Modulating Lactoferrin

Bioferrin Lactoferrin is a bioactive milk protein that is isolated from whey using advanced fractionation and separation processing technologies. 

Bioferrin has the potential to solve growing concerns among consumers regarding the side effects commonly experienced with standard sources of iron. Lactoferrin is naturally iron-binding, which many studies have shown has a positive effect on:

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Women are Vulnerable to Iron Deficiency 

Women are the most vulnerable to iron loss when they are menopausal, pregnant, or menstruating. Since current iron sources are hard on their stomachs, they are looking for an alternative that is gentler. Bioferrin’s ability to balance the iron within the body allows for easier digestion without upsetting stomachs.

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Recreational & Elite Athletes Need Iron Replenished 

The depletion of iron stores due to regular intensive training programs leads to the risk of the development of a reduction in red blood cells.3 Red blood cells are responsible for oxygen transport so a depletion can lead to fatigue and under-performance. Lactoferrin provides athletes with a solution that may have a positive impact on their performance. Proper supplementation in addition to training directly impacts athletic performance levels.

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Children Experience Iron Deficiency 

There is a higher prevalence of anemia in preschool-aged children4 and additional immune support is ideal during development. Lactoferrin has been shown to support immune health in infants.5

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Lactoferrin Has Also Been Shown To Support Skin Health

Studies have indicated that oral supplementation with lactoferrin may be beneficial in supporting skin health including acne. 6,7,8

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