Our wide range of ingredients helps our customers create bakery products with the characteristics and nutritional profiles that health conscious consumers demand. 

Our wide range of functional ingredients, an extensive portfolio of minimally processed grains, and cost-effective egg-replacement solutions, helps our customers create products with the flavor and nutritional profiles that health-conscious consumers demand.


Bioactive Ingredients

We use advanced processing technologies to make bioactive ingredients for use in Bakery products that target specific health benefits—from muscle building to improved cell and organ function.

Our Solutions


All of the benefits of curcumin but white for easier manufacturing. The lack of color and the milder taste and smell make it ideal for many applications such as tablets, capsules, powder drink mixes, functional foods, and gummies.

PepForm® Tryptophan

Formulate sleep aids with proven next day cognitive benefits that help promote the body’s own natural melatonin without the addition of hormones, in a more soluble and bioavailable way. An excellent solution for powder drink mixes, ready-to-drink beverages, tablet, capsule and nutrition bar formats.

TruCal® Balanced Milk Mineral Complex

Balanced milk mineral complex for bone support. Scientifically shown to help improve bone density and strength. Excellent solution for ready-to-drink beverages, powder drink mixes, tablets, capsules, bars, snacks, yogurts and cheese.

Custom Premix Solutions

Our premix solutions are built around your specifications to achieve optimal nutritional, functional and operational performance.

Learn more about our Custom Premix Solutions

Flavors by Foodarom®

At Foodarom, we are flavor designers. We personalize flavors to meet your needs and create flavor profiles that captivate the senses and create emotional connections. Our expertise in functional flavors is an added value that will open the door to new possibilities. Let’s work together to spark the imagination.

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Our vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals and herbs can fortify your Bakery products and provide the essential building blocks for overall health and wellness.

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Plant-Based Solutions

Plant-based nutrition takes on new levels of ease. Our portfolio offer minimally processed, clean-label, gluten-free options to enhance texture and improve the nutritional value of bakery products.

Our Solutions

BarHarvest™ Pea Protein

BarHarvest Pea Protein provides protein fortification, and is an allergen-free, gluten-free, kosher protein ingredient that delivers excellent performance. BarHarvest is designed to improve the shelf life, moisture and soft texture of bars, cookies and other baked goods.

BevChia™ Protein

BevChia Protein is an all-natural, chia protein concentrate featuring 30% protein, ALA omega-3 and 42% fiber. It’s non-GMO, hormone-free and gluten-free. Heat treatment with MicroSure™ Plus technology affords additional food safety and guarantees shelf stability for two years. BevChia Protein is an excellent solution for beverages, bars, bakery and gluten-free foods.

BevEdge® Pea Protein

BevEdge Pea Protein is a unique, clean label pea protein using our patent-pending BevEdge technology providing excellent stability and a smooth flow rate. Our BevEdge plant-based pea protein offers superior dispersibility in beverages, powdered drink mixes, frozen desserts, creamy foods, bakery mixes.

CuisineChia™ Protein

CuisineChia Protein provides greater texture and is an excellent source of fiber, calcium and vegetarian ALA Omega-3. CuisineChia Protein is a clean label ingredient, minimally processed and free of chemicals, allergens and gluten. Excellent for bars, cookies and other baked goods. 

HarvestPro® Proteins

HarvestPro Proteins are allergen free, gluten-free and kosher protein ingredients that deliver excellent protein and performance in beverages, creamy foods, snacks, baked products and prepared foods.


SnackChia Solutions provide greater texture and is an excellent source of fiber, protein, calcium and vegetarian ALA Omega-3. Heat treated using our MicroSure™ Plus technology to ensure a safe, stable and fully nutritious ingredient. SnackChia™ is minimally processed and free of chemicals, allergens and gluten - an excellent solution for bars and snacks.


SnackFlax Solutions provide excellent nutrition and texture with a balance of ALA Omega-3 fiber, protein and superior flavor. Our MeadowPure™ sorting and selection systems ensure SnackFlax ingredients have a guaranteed shelf life of two years. SnackFlax are minimally processed, free of chemicals and are easy to incorporate into a variety of bars and snacks.

SnackFlax™ Proteins

SnackFlax Protein is an all-natural vegetarian flax protein concentrate with 35% protein and 32% fiber. SnackFlax Protein is non-GMO, hormone-free, gluten-free and contains ALA omega-3. SnackFlax is heat treated with MicroSure™ Plus technology for additional food safety and guaranteed shelf stability for two years. SnackFlax an excellent solution for beverages, bars, bakery products and gluten-free foods.


Our dairy-based and plant-based proteins offer superior nutrition and functional properties—like flavor, solubility and stability—and are optimized for a wide variety of bakery products.

Our Solutions

Avonlac® Whey Protein Concentrates

Whey protein concentrates (WPCs) that offer excellent nutritional value and have a pleasant, creamy flavor. They’re completely soluble across a wide pH range, and are available straight or instantized with protein content from 34% to 80%. Avonlac® is an excellent protein fortification option for early life nutrition, dairy products, dry mixes, powder drink mixes and bakery products.

BarFlex® Whey Proteins

Whey protein isolates (WPIs) and concentrates (WPCs) that enable 100% whey formulations, minimize bar hardening and extends the shelf life of nutritional bars. It’s an excellent source of high-quality protein that gives bars a clean flavor and a long-lasting, chewy texture.

Our BarFlex 100 WPC was specifically designed and optimized for extrusion, delivering a range of exceptional starch-like textures without the inclusion of high quantities of starch making it ideal for bar and snack inclusions. 

barGAIN® Protein Blends

A unique combination of dairy and plant proteins designed to enhance bar functionality, providing a softer texture, an extended shelf life and a clean flavor profile. It’s a complete protein solution for low-to-moderate protein bars, baked goods and cookies.

BarHarvest™ Plant Proteins

Plant protein-based systems (non-soy) designed to deliver protein fortification in emerging plant-based bar, cereal, and snack applications without negatively impacting texture or shelf life. Delivers a variety of textures while minimizing the dryness, brittleness and hardness over shelf life commonly associated with plant proteins.

Our BarHarvest Pea Protein Series are functionally designed to allow for high levels of protein fortification without compromising taste and texture in bars, snacks and baked goods. 

Learn more about BarHarvest Pea Proteins

BarPro® Milk Proteins

Milk protein isolates (MPI) designed to extend the shelf life of nutrition bars and minimize bar hardening. Truly Grass Fed™ option available. They’re an excellent source of high-quality protein with a short texture and a clean flavor profile.

BevEdge® Pea Protein

BevEdge Pea Protein is a unique, clean label pea protein using our patent-pending BevEdge technology providing excellent stability and a smooth flow rate. Our BevEdge plant-based pea protein offers superior dispersibility in beverages, powdered drink mixes, frozen desserts, creamy foods, bakery mixes.

Provon® Whey Protein Isolates

Highly pure whey protein isolates (WPIs) with very low levels of fat and lactose, containing the full spectrum of undenatured proteins naturally found in whey. Neutrally flavored, soluble in a wide pH range and available straight or instantized with protein content of 90%. Truly Grass Fed™ options available. Excellent protein fortification option for powder drink mixes, bars, dairy/frozen desserts and dry mixes.

Truly Grass Fed® Proteins

A premium grass-fed ingredient brand from our Ireland-based partner Tirlán, Truly Grass Fed is a revolution in modern dairy that evokes a return to the basics. Small herds and a passion for the art of farming. The Truly Grass Fed brand carries a promise with the Truly Grass Fed seal, a seal which signifies many things including 1) Cows grazed on grass lands for an average of 250 days a year 2)  Cows receiving 95% of their nutritional feed from grass 3)  Non-GMO Project Verified. The Truly Grass Fed brand offers customers a fully traceable and third-party accredited grass fed WPI, MPC and MPI under our Provon®, Solmiko® and BarPro® protein solutions. 

Watson Bakery Ingredients

To make quality baked goods, it takes more than just quality ingredients. It takes the support of experts in baking technology.  We help customers make formula adjustments, customize our ingredients to suit their need, and guarantee optimal performance.

Our Solutions

Ascorbic Acid 30 Organic

The oxidizing action of ascorbic acid in combination with other “dough improvers” acts to increase mix and proof tolerance, loaf volume, and to improve crumb structure. Formulated for use in organic products.

Ascorbic Acid 50% Coated

Coating the ascorbic acid slows down its release during mixing to prevent over-aging of the dough, of particular im­portance in retarded and frozen doughs.


Ascorbitabs provide ascorbic acid in an easy to use tablet form. Ascorbic acid in combina­tion with other “dough improvers” acts to increase mix and proof tolerance and loaf volume, and to improve crumb structure. These tablets are designed to resist breakage when handled yet disperse rapidly in water.

Beta Bagel

According to the CDC about half of all Americans are currently at risk for heart disease, and many customers are looking for heart-healthy options. Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 3 grams of beta-glucans per day from oats may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of Beta Bagel® provides 0.75 grams of beta-glucans from oats, making Beta Bagel® a great choice for customers concerned about coronary heart disease. With the Beta Bagel® mix from Watson, you can tap into this mar­ket with full confidence in your nutritional claims.

Calcium Proprionate

Our encapsulated calcium propionate 80% is a free-flowing white powder. Each gram of encapsulated material contains 800 mg of calcium propionate.

Citric Acid 85% Carnuba Organic

Encapsulated citric acid improves shelf life with reduced reactivity. Perfect for organic products.

Coated Sorbic Acid

Sorbic acid is encapsulated to prevent sorbic acid from interfering with yeast activity. The coating melts only during the baking process, releasing the sorbic acid prior to completion of the bake. Coated sorbic acid Inhibits mold growth in yeast raised products. Available in other several concentrations, in­cluding 50%, 70%, and 85%.

Coated Sorbic Acid 50%

Encapsulated sorbic acid prevents sorbic acid from interfering with yeast activity. Other concentrations include Coat­ed Sorbic Acid 70% and Coated Sorbic Acid 85%.


Cystabs provide l-cysteine in an easy to use tablet form. L-cysteine is a reducing agent and functions to decrease mixing time and improve the extensibility and machining of dough. These tablets are designed to resist breakage in handled yet disperse rapidly in water.

Do Con Series™

Formulated to be a concentrated dough conditioner, the Do Con Series combines a dough improver and a dough strengthener to increase water absorption and maintain dough machinability. Available in bulk or Sol-U-Pak dough soluble packets for ease of use.

Encapsulated Citric Acid 85%

Encapsulated citric acid lowers product pH and increases shelf life stability. Each gram of product contains 0.85 grams of citric acid.

Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate 70%

Coated sodium bicarbonate is designed for use in frozen and refrigerated doughs, batters, microwave products, and mixes. The encap­sulation of sodium bicarbonate delays carbon dioxide release ensuring more volume and tighter texture.

Enzyme Softener, Organic

Combines the grain and texture, improving properties of lecithin with the shelf life extension properties of a unique blend of amylase enzymes for a natural crumb softening system for bread and rolls. Enzyme Softener, Organic is explicitly designed for the manufacture of bread and rolls labeled as “organic” or as “made with organic ingredi­ents.”

Fit n’ Trim White

Fit n’ Trim is a prepared base containing a functional blend of ingre­dients designed to produce a range of fiber-rich, reduced-calorie products.

Fumaric Acid 85%

Our encapsulated fumaric acid produces tortillas with improved opacity, resilience, size, and shelf life. The coating prevents the acid from affecting dough properties until released by the heating process.

Glucono Delta Lactone 85%

Encapsulat­ed GDL is designed for applications where a delayed reaction of leavening acid is needed.


We offer a variety of gluten-free options that can be used to create a large assortment of baked and sweet goods. All of our gluteNONE™ mixes are formulated to have a gluten content of less than ten parts per million (ppm) in keeping with our GFCO certification and well below the federal standard. All of our mixes require only water, oil, mold inhibitor, and yeast to be added depending on the formula. These blends can be allergen-free as well as GMO-free.

Hi Lec 50

When used in the production of bread and rolls, lecithin is an excellent “natural” emulsifier used to create a stronger dough. Lecithin also functions to increase gas retention, giving better strength, volume, and symmetry of both yeast-raised and chemically leavened baked goods. There will be a noticeable improvement in machinability and extensi­bility. Lecithin is functional in increasing and sustain­ing the softness of the finished baked goods, helping to increase shelf life. Hi Lec 50 is a convenient source of lecithin, designed to maximize the desired effects of lecithin while at the same time eliminating the incon­venience and waste associated with scaling-off liquid lecithin, saving the baker time and money. Hi Lec 50 is especially useful as an emulsifier in whole grain doughs and “clean label” baked goods where “natural” ingredients are critical to the labeling of the finished baked goods. Also available for organic formulations.

J.T. Enzyme Softener

J.T. Enzyme Softener combines the grain and texture improving properties of lecithin with the shelf life extension properties of a unique blend of enzymes for a nature crumb softening system for bread and rolls. Also available with sunflower lecithin.

Long Life Parve

An all-natural mold inhibitor for yeast-raised products derived from the con­trolled fermentation of corn syrup or the fermentation of wheat starch depending on the variety. Also available in a certified gluten-free formulation.

Natural Mold Inhibitor OWS2

A blend of organic whole wheat flour and cultured organic wheat starch, designed to increase the mold-free shelf life of natural and organic baked products.

OvenPro™ Solutions

High protein and fiber solutions that functionally improve the nutrition, flavor, texture and stability of bakery applications. The OvenPro Series includes OvenPro Bread & Bread Net Zero Carb, OvenPro Cake and OvenPro QuickBread.


OvenSpring is an oxidizing and conditioning system for yeast-raised dough systems, and particularly rolls. In processing, OvenSpring enhances machinability and tolerance, and in finished products, it provides an improved volume and a tighter crumb structure. Our range of OvenSpring products include formulations designed for traditional baking, clean label baking, and organic baking. Oven Spring can be supplied in bulk, Sol-U-Pak dough soluble packets, or tablets.

Perfect Grain™ WWB

Perfect Grain is a blend of micron­ized white wheat bran and full-fat germ. The product has been developed for use in reconstructed whole-wheat dough’s, allowing the production of soft, fine-grained whole-wheat baked products. Perfect Grain Demonstrates low water retention and little to no organoleptic perception of bran particles. Also available in red wheat.


Functions as a dough con­ditioner to decrease mixing time and improve dough extensibility. They are supplied in Sol-U-Paks for dosage accuracy and ease of use.

Rye Base

Rye Base is a unique blend of caraway seeds, rye flour, fermentation acids, and dough conditioners, which impart a dis­tinctive rye/caraway flavor, combined with a pleasant acidic character to bread and rolls.

Soft n’ Mighty™

Soft n’ Mighty com­bines lecithin, enzymes, and ascorbic acid to function as a dough conditioner for bread and roll products. Perfect for clean label applications. The Soft n’ MightyTM product line includes formulations designed for clean label baking and organic baking.

Stay Soft™

Our Stay Soft is a blend of enzymes that improve crumb grain and texture while extending shelf life. The Stay Soft product range includes varieties formulated for traditional baking, clean label baking, organic baking, and gluten-free baking. Stay Soft products can be supplied in bulk or Sol-U-Paks, which eliminates the need to scale or handle enzyme blends.

Edible Films

Since the 1960s, Watson’s research and development team has been a pioneer in soluble and edible film technology. Watson’s expertise in film technologies, commitment to quality, and range of processing equipment are unmatched in the industry.

Our Solutions

EdiSparklz® Edible Glitter

EdiSparklz are colorful toppings and inclusions that can be used in a wide range of applications. 100% edible, EdiSparklz have no flavor, no sweetness and add no calories. They are available in a wide range of flakes or shapes, and are manufactured in a full spectrum of colors including standard, plant-based and metallic colors. EdiSparklz are a very cost-effective alternative to standard decorative options like sprinkles, and save customers an average of 20% by switching.


A Sol-U-Pak is a pouch that is soluble in cold water. The pouch is made entirely of edible packaging film. All components of this film have FDA approval for food use. Sol-U-Paks can be used for both industrial and consumer applications.

For Industrial application in bakeries and food manufacturers: Every step taken out of a production process yields bottom-line benefits. This may occur through reduced labor inputs, increased product throughputs, or a reduction in quality defects. It’s no surprise. Therefore, that production streamlining is critical today—we pre-measure minor ingredients into Sol-U-Pak edible film pouches. The Sol-U-Pak pouch is simply thrown on top of the other ingredients in the mixer. The pouch only takes about 10 to 20 seconds to dissolve.

For Consumer Applications: Mainstream consumers are looking for convenience and alternative delivery methods. Offering a range of delivery forms will help brands strengthen product adoption rates, continued use, and customer loyalty. Sol-U-Pak pouches of powdered drink mixes and protein powders provide the ultimate single-serve convenience.

TechVantage™ Functionally Optimized Nutrient Technologies

In-house technologies used to improve the functionality of nutrients in your food, beverage and supplement products. Our functionally optimized nutrient portfolio covers a wide variety of categories including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, sweeteners, carbohydrates, fats (oils), fibers and acids. 

Functionally optimized benefits include:

  • easier material handling in a powder form
  • reduction in overages resulting in cost savings
  • standardized particle size for more uniform distribution in a blend
  • potency protection and stability during processing and shelf life
  • flavor and odor masking of objectionable tasting ingredients
  • easy dispersion and improved solubility in solution
Our Solutions

NutraShield™- Micronencapsulations

NutraShield microencapsulated nutrients have a protective coating called a matrix applied around the nutrients core. The matrix keeps the active ingredient locked in and stabilized.

Microencapsulation enhances the impact and function of nutrients in a variety of ways, including masking odors and flavors, improving stability, controlling color intensity, converting oils to powders and delaying the release of nutrient. These ingredients are commonly used in dietary supplements, bars, cereals, snacks, powder drink mixes, beverages, infant nutrition, and medical food, to name a few. Methods used include core and shell encapsulation and matrix encapsulation.

UniTrit™- Triturations

UniTrit triturated nutrients are standardized on a carrier for homogeneous delivery of nutrients.

Trituration allows for easier distribution in the final blend and for ease of scaling. Triturated Nutrients can be customized to any level of active to carrier ratio or percentage. The process assures correct dosage and prevention of costly overages and errors. Ideal for dietary supplements and foods.

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