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Custom Premix Solutions

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Our custom premix solutions are built around you. We have the solutions and expertise to bring you value throughout the entire premix process. Whatever your stage of product development, for whatever application, we have a custom premix solution that’s right for you.

Unrivaled Experience 

Over 80 years of premix experience, Glanbia Nutritionals brings an unmatched level of knowledge and knowhow to every custom premix project through extensive industry experience since 1942.  

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Simplified Processes 

We simplify your finished product manufacturing so you can get to market faster.  

  • Product application development 
  • Nutrient optimizations 
  • Tech service validation  
  • Manufacturing consistencies  
  • Precision homogenous blending  
  • Managing complex formulation requirements 
  • Managing complex global supply chains 
  • Reducing financial risk
  • Science validation  
  • Market validation  

Formulation Optimization 

Our R&D scientists have vast knowledge about how to optimize formulations to perform their best and in the most homogenous way.  

TechVantage® Functionally Optimized Nutrient Technologies – In-house technologies used to improve the functionality of nutrients in your food, beverage and supplement products. Our functionally optimized nutrient portfolio covers a wide variety of categories. 

  • NutraShield® Microencapsulations 
  • UniTrit® Triturations
  • GranulPlex® Granulations  

Learn more about TechVantage™

Simplified Sourcing 

Supplier redundancies ensure your ingredients are always available with consistent quality standards across the globe. 

  • Reduce sourcing costs  
  • Enable greater traceability  
  • Ensure material availability  
  • Ensure competitive cost 
  • Safety stocks in place  
  • Lower freight charges 

Quality Assurance 

  • From our barcode-based fully integrated quality management system to our highly experienced full-service in-house labs, we are able to provide you true product safety assurance. 
    • Meet GMPs for Infant, Food, Supplements & Clinical Nutrition   
    • Hold a clean regulatory inspection history  

Proactive Ideation 

  • Custom ingredient development 
  • Clinical research 
  • Intellectual property patents 
  • Nutrient profiling  
  • Application research 
  • Market research 
  • Regulatory insight   

Nutrient Premixes

A custom formulation designed to meet your specific nutrient and application requirements that often requires deeper collaboration with our R&D and innovation teams.

Premixes start here. There’s no single formula to satisfy every need.  

  • Specifically designed to suit your unique product requirements
  • Seasoned staff integral to the optimization of your premix formulation
  • Formulas can include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals, proteins, flavors and much more
  • Equipment sized right to achieve homogeneous blends & cost savings

All N® Premix Formulas

Formulated to support specific health benefits or market trends our Premix Formulas can help you solve many of your new product development requirements. They are formulated with active ingredients, ready to use as they are or as a starting point that can be customized further for your new product formulations.

They enable you to add value to your existing and new products in an efficient way, saving you time and money: no sourcing or qualifying of multiple ingredients, and simplified operations (e.g. warehousing, production).

Our Solution

Our expanding All N Premix Formulas portfolio includes:

  • Immunity
  • Cognition & Focus
  • Beauty
  • Electrolyte
  • Stress
  • Bone
  • Energy

…and many more

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