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Glanbia Nutritionals continues to leverage the soluble and edible film technology experience, expertise, commitment to quality, and range of processing capabilities pioneered in the 1960s by Watson. Our extensive portfolio of edible film options offers benefits like cost savings, visual excitement, and convenience for line extensions and new products.

EdiSparklz® Edible Glitter

EdiSparklz are colorful toppings and inclusions that can be used in a wide range of applications. 100% edible, EdiSparklz have no flavor, no sweetness, and add no calories. It is available in a wide range of flakes or shapes, and is manufactured in a full spectrum of colors including standard, plant-based, and metallic colors. EdiSparklz is a very cost-effective alternative to standard decorative options like sprinkles, and save customers an average of 20% by switching.

EdiSparklz® Flakes

Flakes are lightweight, bright, and have irregular shapes. Flakes work well as toppings on frostings and icings for frozen treats, savory snacks, confectionery, and cereals. They also are ideal for inclusions in baked goods, boiled candies, and gummies, within fillings of bars and cakes, and compound coatings for enrobing on bars.

EdiSparklz® Shapes

Available in over 40 shapes, EdiSparklz Shapes are perfect for putting the finishing touch on a seasonal or limited-time product. Colors for each shape can be customized to meet the needs of your product and objectives. 

EdiSparklz® Packets

EdiSparklz Packets offer a new and convenient delivery method for EdiSparklz flakes and shapes. Increase consumer engagement with a unique, at-time-of-consumption experience.

Magic Showcase

Browse our magic showcase to become inspired. Explore innovative product applications using EdiSparklz flakes and shapes, where your only limitation is your own imagination.

Application-Specific Deep Dives

Interested in a specific application? Learn more about how EdiSparklz flakes and shapes can add sparkle and magic to your next product. 

EdiSparklz® Cereal Applications EdiSparklz® Bakery Applications EdiSparklz® Supplement Applications EdiSparklz® Confection Applications EdiSparklz® Bar and Snack Applications

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