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Building Better Bars

To get your bar to market faster, turn to Glanbia Nutritionals. We’ll get you there. Check out how we helped one large CPG company win with speed. 

Your Nutrition Bar Partner 

While we may be known for our wide range of bar ingredients and deep knowledge of the bar category, we also offer bar development services. At our Innovation & Collaboration Center in Twin Falls, our R&D team is ready with the ingredients, equipment, and expertise for a fast turnaround of new bar development. One CPG company in need of R&D support quickly learned the difference between an ingredient supplier and a true partner. 

Bar Case Study: Speed to Market 

A large CPG company, faced with a tight timeline, came to us for help in developing a new protein bar fast. The marketing team knew just what it wanted, but the company had limited R&D time. After a discussion with the company to review nutrition targets and other project parameters, we scheduled a time to meet at our Innovation & Collaboration Center. 

Our R&D staff evaluated the criteria and did the necessary pre-work in advance of the visit. With ingredients on-hand and preliminary formulations ready, our R&D team met with the customer, who arrived onsite to begin working side by side with us. After two days of working together, the customer left with five formulations in hand. 

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The customer was able to conduct a plant trial in a mere three months. And no changes were needed--a first for the customer! Due to our R&D team’s extensive experience in bar ingredients and processing, the team was able to produce solid formulations that delivered on taste, texture, and nutrition the first time around.  

Two months later, the protein bars were on the shelf, with retailer demand up the following month. Our customer recognized that collaborating with us not only sped up the launch but gave the customer a winning product. Another satisfied customer! 

Our Bar Development Services 

Whether you need a protein bar, energy bar, or cereal bar, our bar development services can get you started with ingredients and formulations that will meet your parameters. This includes nutrition targets for protein, sugar, and micronutrients, as well as flavor profile and texture. We also have extensive experience in coatings and layers for bars. 

Learn insider tips for formulating the perfect bar. 

Our Bar Ingredient Solutions 

As a leading nutritional ingredient supplier and an expert in bar formulation, we know the difference high-quality ingredients can make in producing a bar. Our bar ingredient solutions include everything you need, from custom nutrient premixes to flavors to proteins. Besides our nutritious dairy proteins, we also offer plant-based solutions for bars, including pea, chia, flax, and quinoa ingredients. 

Collaborate with Us to Build Your Next Bar 

When you need to build a better bar faster, think of us. We’re more than just an ingredient supplier. We’re your partner in success. Contact us to learn more. 

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