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Partnering With You For Successful Nutrition Bar Development

When it comes to nutrition bars - whether they be cereal bars, energy bars, or protein bars - your consumers demand the highest-quality product, and when it comes to meeting those demands you need the right partner. When companies require a complete resource for developing consumer-friendly, high-demand nutrition bars quickly, they turn to Glanbia Nutritionals.


There is no one who understands top-quality nutrition bar development more than Glanbia.  At Glanbia, our focus is helping make you more successful.  We accomplish this through our vast amount of experience, innovative ingredient portfolio, and relentless pursuit in delivering top-quality products.  We understand fully that if you don’t succeed, then we don’t succeed.  


We don’t develop bars in a vacuum; we stand alongside our clients every step of the way by offering our vast experience with bar-specific proteins and next generation grain technologies, combined with formulation expertise which results in the support you need to ensure your product goes to market quickly and successfully.  


Nutrition Bar Development From The Ground Up

Developing The Core

Our bar development story began by rolling up our sleeves and building bar-specific proteins.  Years later we’re proud to say that our portfolio includes a broad spectrum of bars with varying textures and longer shelf lives than many other nutrition bars on the market.  


Developing The Coating

Our years of refining and improving means our protein solutions for bar coatings are packed with protein while maintaining taste and texture your consumers will love.


Developing The Layers

It’s no surprise that consumers want a bar that is nutritious and tastes great as well.  When you partner with Glanbia for your nutrition bar development, you can trust that our recent innovations which target proteins specifically designed for layering systems like caramels, fruits & nut butters will meet the demands of today and keep up with new and emerging trends.


Developing The Textures

Our protein solutions are designed specifically to deliver more protein without added density, and this means your consumers will enjoy a healthier, more pleasurable bar eating experience.  


We Solve Your Unique Nutrition Bar Development Challenges


Whatever challenges you face, we’re prepared to join forces with you and solve them.  Want to improve bar texture?  How about increasing shelf life or reducing sugar?  No problem.  With products in 130 countries, sales & technical support in 14 countries, & manufacturing facilities in 7 countries, we’ve learned a thing or two about bar development.  Overcoming these kinds of obstacles is what we’re in the business of doing.  Nutrition bar development is a complex business, but when you partner with Glanbia Nutritionals, you have an ally - a trusted partner - to come alongside you and help you overcome challenges, and bring your bars to market faster and more successfully than your competitors.  


To learn more about the many benefits of partnering with Glanbia Nutritionals, please get in touch with one of our representatives today.


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