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Meet the Experts: Carla Clissmann

Commercial Director, Glanbia Nutritionals EMEA

Carla Clissmann, Commercial Director at Glanbia Nutritionals, shares her experience in the dairy industry and why she thinks it is a really exciting time for dairy. Here she discusses the factors driving continued innovation and how can the latest dairy ingredient technology at Glanbia Nutritionals meets growing consumer needs in an increasingly crowded space.

What is your outlook on dairy in the health & wellness category? 

My outlook for dairy is very positive. Dairy proteins continue to lead in consumer preference and product launches across Europe. According to data from Mintel, dairy protein was included in an average of 70% of performance & weight management launches over the past 5 years and these continue. Whey protein was included in about 1 in 5 of all performance & weight management launches in the same timeframe, far outpacing plant proteins like soy and pea proteins. 

According to FMCG Gurus, nearly 60% of European consumers indicate that whey protein is an appealing ingredient in sports nutrition products. Consumers’ preference for dairy proteins continues to drive use both in combination with non-dairy proteins and in more mainstream categories outside of performance nutrition and weight management, like breakfast foods, energy bars and snacks. One example of this is looking particularly at snack & energy bars in Europe. According to launch data from Mintel, 34% of snack bars in Europe had a high or added protein claim in 2019, up 4% from the previous year. 

Dairy’s relevance to health & wellness nutrition has endured and grown in a dynamic competitive market. Nature-powered dairy products have been used and proven over many centuries contributing to both the physical and economic health of local and global communities. Glanbia Nutritionals leads innovation across a large number of sectors and is at the forefront of the dairy industry.

We remain committed to dairy, alongside all proteins, because market dynamics continue to support its prevalence and preference in the health & wellness sector.

What is driving the appeal of dairy protein, particularly whey protein, with consumers today?

The elite athletes and clinical nutritionists have long been keeping the secret nutritional benefits of whey protein to themselves. This is now changing as the number and type of product formats extends out beyond ready to mix shakes and proteins bars, facilitated by the technical expertise in Glanbia Nutritionals. 

When it comes to formulation flexibility, what’s next?

Consumers expect more indulgent tasting, sophisticated high protein options with great taste, trusted nutrition and interesting textures. High protein is still a very relevant trend but it has diversified into more distinct areas, like keto-friendly and lower carb. We see more exciting formats coming to the fore as well, like crisps, snacks, bakery items and all types of healthy snacks getting that protein lift. People want some fun! Glanbia Nutritionals further supports this with Crunchie Milk Protein Crisps and low calorie topping glitters to make the perfectly enjoyable product.

Active consumers in late adulthood are also increasingly attracted to more traditional food formats such as breakfast items like yogurt or porridge that can be whey protein fortified both with powder but also with crisps, flakes and other inclusions. Enhanced protein supports support their muscle mass thus underpinning maximum mobility.

Outside of expanding high protein formats, what else is happening in dairy ingredients? 

On the health front, and supported by decades of research undertaken by nutrition companies, further technological innovations led to an exploration of minor fractions or components in whey. Some of these have powerful health benefits, long appreciated in Asia for their immune enhancing properties. Bioferrin® bovine lactoferrin from Glanbia Nutritionals is an example. 

What does the new normal of dairy ingredients look like?

It’s about making everyday products healthier and fun. The recent pandemic has definitely changed the way consumers eat and drink. Lifestyles have shifted as result and snacking has increased significantly, especially with more people working from home than ever before. 

Delicious, satisfying, nutritionally calibrated products featuring BarPro™, Provon®, Hydrovon®, ProTherma®, Bioferrin® and Optisol® offer dairy-based solutions for a range of applications and formulations needs.  It is an area of huge potential, as manufacturers look to combine whey protein with vitamins and minerals, to leverage energy, fitness and immune health properties. 

Why work with Glanbia when formulating with dairy proteins? 

Glanbia Nutritionals has vast and market-tested experience working with launched brand owners across a broad spectrum of finished products globally. Committed to staying ahead of the innovation curve, we understand the role and compatibilities of dairy in any given food system. Formulation flexibility and product recalibration to meet the needs of modern active consumer is at the heart of everything we do. Getting that texture just right, offering something both exciting and satisfying to ensure consumers keep coming back to your product is at the centre of the Glanbia Nutritionals offering. The adaptability of dairy and commitment our team has to getting it right for you means that our protein solutions can be optimised across multiple products.

Learn more about Glanbia Nutritionals dairy protein solutions.

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