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Our Top 5 Mega Movements

What’s shaping the food industry now and in the future?

We often refer to changes in consumer behavior as ‘trends’. But the word trend can seem very short sighted...after all, trends come and go. We feel these five consumer behaviors are here to stay, and they’re changing the way consumers think about, purchase, and talk about food. 

1. Building a Lifestyle: 
Balance is at the core of the Building a Lifestyle movement. Consumers need to know that what they’re purchasing is not only good for them but good for everybody. Consumers increasingly want brands to adapt to their lifestyle. They’re seeking brands that truly understand the value of being well rounded, leaning towards products and brands that focus on body and mind, health and wellbeing, and being better-for-you and better-for-the-planet. 

2. Ultra Personalization:
Whether this is through catering to a consumer’s busy lifestyle, offering extremely niche flavors, giving customers the chance to design their own products or catering to their DNA for the ultimate personalization experience brands are seeking new ways to connect on a much deeper level. 
Consumers want brands to know they are special, and they want to feel like their brands are speaking directly to them. 

3. Sustainability Matters:
Businesses must be proactive, positive, and sustainable corporate citizens. Whether it’s through environmental friendliness, clean manufacturing, and processing techniques, added value benefits, or all of the above consumers are demanding more from their brands – and they talk to each other to promote, or promote, or devalue, those brands.

4. Sense-ational:
Taking familiar products and giving them a twist through color, flavor, and texture is a way for businesses to appeal to larger consumer groups while keeping up with niche specialty products – and consumers are more open than ever to trying new things! 

5. Experiential Shoppers:
Health and wellness trends are not just for the affluent consumer – brands need to bring healthy options to individuals no matter their lifestyle. Making healthy options available to individuals regardless of lifestyle, economic buying power, or location is a key driver of innovation for food & beverage companies.  And it’s important to note, consumer behaviors are changing regardless of economic situations.  People are opting for borrowing and sharing over owning more and more...even if they can afford it. It’s important for food manufacturers to identify this change and think about how it impacts them. 

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