BevEdge™ Whey Release

Introducing BevEdge™ Whey Protein A-220W

New Whey Protein Isolate Opens the Door for Clear Citrus/Berry Protein Powder Drinks.

Health and exercise enthusiasts love protein powder drink mixes. They’d love them even more if their choices weren’t so limited. Because of the makeup of whey protein isolate, protein powders have only been available with flavors like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Citrus or berry? Simply not available, at least not in a tasty, clear, and refreshing format. Until now.

BevEdge™ Whey Protein A-220W overcomes the challenges of creating berry- and citrus-flavored, high-acid protein powder drink mixes. Typical lecithinated whey protein isolate does not work well in high acid environments. The new ingredient is made with Glanbia Nutritionals' BevEdge instant dispersion technology, meaning it mixes easily and won’t clump or float. And because the breakthrough ingredient is preacidified to pH under 3.5, it allows for great-tasting fruit flavors. It also delivers a clearer end product than lecithinated proteins. 


“As consumers seek continued novelty and new flavors, this new whey protein solution opens up an area of protein powder drink mixes that give active consumers even more refreshing choices,” says Vicky Fligel, Senior Product Manager. “And there’s so much more to it than just the ability to create new flavors. Unlike most protein ingredients on the market, it’s lecithin-free and contains no soy, so it can simply be labeled as ‘whey protein isolate, citric acid’. 

BevEdge™ Whey Protein A-220W is a boon for manufacturers in other ways as well. Its large, uniform particle size reduces dusting, creating a much less messy production process, cutting down on waste and reducing processing downtime.

“This ingredient creates value at every step,” Vicky says. “It allows for a whole new line of flavors, which will boost offerings and bring attention to brands. And consumers will love the clean-label, clear and great-tasting product. This is a game changer for the protein-powder industry.” 

To learn more about expanding your flavor opportunities in protein-based RTMs using BevEdge Whey Protein A-220W, contact us today.


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