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BevGrad®- Not Settling For Less

Adding whole grains and fiber to your beverages just got easier.

Consumers strive for more health-conscious lifestyles, and products with whole grains, protein, and high fiber fulfill their needs for fueling their lives with better nutrition.

However, it has always been a little tricky for beverage formulators to add whole grains to beverages due to unwanted settling and unappealing mouthfeel and flavor. We didn’t settle for settling or bad taste in our new plant-based ingredients and the result is BevGrad® Oats GF & BevGrad® Quinoa. The latest additions to our super-finely milled BevGrad® line allows for great tasting whole grains to disperse evenly in ready-to-mix drinks. Incorporating BevGrad® Oats GF or BevGrad® Quinoa also qualifies brands for the use of the sought-after Whole Grain Stamp*. 

Consumer Insights Support New Products with Gluten Free Oats & Grains

A recent Mintel report found that consumers seek protein, whole grains and fiber in their search for healthy foods, and that two-thirds say healthy foods are worth the additional expense. So it’s no surprise new food and beverage offerings with a whole grain nutrition claim have grown. In this crowded field, oats and quinoa have become an increasingly sought-after alternative source of naturally occurring carbohydrates, fiber and protein.


“BevGrad® ingredients are made from whole grains and seeds, with nutrients and fiber intact. The result is an ingredient with excellent dispersibility and smooth mouth feel, perfect for powdered drink mixes,” said Charles Steenwyk, Grains Global Product Manager at Glanbia Nutritionals.


BevGrad® Oats GF and BevGrad® Quinoa delivers.

  • Cold water dispersability 
  • Unmatched food safety guaranteed – 4.6 Log Heat Treatment 
  • 100% whole grain ingredient - Whole Grain Stamp qualified
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Non-GMO 


*The Whole Grains stamp is issued by the Whole Grain Council and highly trusted by consumers. A recent survey by Harris Interactive states that consumers are more likely to buy a product with the Whole Grain stamp.


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