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Exclusive Distribution Agreement for AcuJoint™ and CuroWhite™

Under new partnership with Aurea Biolabs

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Aurea Biolabs a subsidiary of Plant Lipids, an innovative company focused on nutraceutical product development, extraction, isolation and formulation of bioactive ingredients from nature.

This partnership combines Aurea Biolabs strengths in botanically based bioactives with our robust experience and knowledge in nutritional supplement development. Under an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement, the partnership brings two new additions to our extensive bioactive solutions portfolio. 

New Additions: 

1.    Acujoint™ is an advanced botanical and vegan ingredient complex that has been scientifically shown to support joint health. 
2.    CuroWhite™ is a white curcumin in a highly bioavailable form that provides an improved manufacturing alternative to standard curcumin.  

Acujoint™ is a complex of the botanicals curcumin, boswellia, piper nigrum oil (black pepper) and kaempferia galangal (Galangal extract) encased inside a turmeric matrix using patent pending Polar-Nonpolar-Sandwich (PNS) Technology. This PNS Technology ensures the bioactive components are well protected and has been and has been shown to increase bioavailability, keeping the botanical molecules intact as they are absorbed through the intestinal wall.1 Studies have shown that Acujoint™ supports the reduction in the VAS pain score and WOMAC index score measuring pain, stiffness and physical function (p-value =  ≤ 0.001) in patients with knee osteoarthritis using 250 mg of Acujoint™ as compared to glucosamine 1500 mg + chondroitin 1200 mg.2 Acujoint™ has been scientifically shown to support joint health by helping to support joint mobility and comfort.2
Non GMO and containing no added colors, additives, binders, fillers, and preservatives, Acujoint™ is a clean label ingredient that is ideal for tablet, capsule and gummy supplement applications. 


CuroWhite™ is an easier to use and more bioavailable white curcumin that is changing the landscape for curcumin supplement manufacturing. Its colorless properties provide for a curcumin that doesn’t stain equipment, require extended hours of cleaning or cause extensive production downtime, providing a clean manufacturing solution. Through an advanced optimization process that encapsulates the curcuminoids with β-cyclodextrin, CuroWhite™ maintains all of the great health benefits of standard curcumin but has greater bioavailability and stability. A bioavailability study showed that CuroWhite™ absorbs at a higher rate and remains in the bloodstream for longer than standard curcumin.3 Unique properties of CuroWhite™ (colorless with a milder taste and smell) make it ideal for many applications such as tablets, capsules, ready-to-mix powders, gummies and functional foods. 


“With the growing demand for botanical ingredients, the addition of Acujoint™ and CuroWhite™ to our portfolio will provide alternatives for our customers and their consumers seeking vegan and naturally sourced ingredients. Each product has its own unique benefits, Acujoint™ for a more effective and clean label joint health solution and CuroWhite™ as a positive alternative to the many issues experienced with yellow curcumin manufacturing,” said Ram Nimmagudda, Ph.D., Senior Director Performance and Wellness Bioactives for Glanbia Nutritionals.


1. S. Gopi et al., Asian J. Parm. Tech. Innov. 3 (2015) 92-96
2. Study not published. Data on file.  
3. Sreeraj et al., J Nutr Food Sci 2016, 6:2

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