OptiSol 1005

More Protein, More Products, OptiSol® 1005

OptiSol® 1005 creates multiple new product opportunities in dynamic protein-added space 

Consumers are demanding more protein in every product imaginable, while also setting high expectations around performance and consistency. For manufacturers, that used to mean choosing between one or the other, a problem that’s now been solved with OptiSol® 1005, a heat-stable concentrated whey protein from Glanbia Nutritionals. OptiSol® 1005 allows for an increase in protein by as much as 12% in a high-heat processed environment while making obtainable, products containing a range of viscosities from thicker gels to thin and creamy sauces or beverages, with no gritty texture.

Most whey protein concentrates are unstable when exposed to heat, creating a gritty and clumpy product that’s not only visually unappealing but also contains an insufficient amount of protein. OptiSol® 1005 is a game changer because it has the ability to withstand Retort, UHT or HTST processing conditions, maintaining the nutritional and functional integrity of the protein. The level of heat stability is dependent on the percentage of protein and the pH level of an application. The viscosity level achieved is dependent on the percentage of protein, the pH level and the heat processing condition applied to an application.
OptiSol® 1005 offers:

  • Increased protein levels (as high as 12%) achievable at a variety of pH and processing temperatures; 
  • Improved performance at many pH levels, which allows for its inclusion in a variety of applications;
  • Reduced viscosity that is 10 times less than standard whey protein concentrate
  • Superior heat stability, allowing it to be used without additives or stabilizers, offering higher quality alongside the opportunity for clean labeling.

“OptiSol® 1005 will provide new opportunities for our food and beverage manufacturing customers to further explore the products that they fortify with protein” says Vicky Fligel, Senior Product Manager Functional Systems. “Its unique qualities are ideal for soups and sauces, shelf stable high pH beverages, shelf stable yogurts, refrigerated beverages, ice creams, fruit purees and protein gels (and various other applications).”

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