Join Us at SupplySide West!

Stop by our booth #2657 at SupplySide West 2023 for our Trend Talk series on expanding beverage need states, as more consumers reach for beverages to support their health and vitality.

Glanbia Nutritionals at SupplySide West

There is a fascinating evolution underway, with today’s consumers expecting more from beverages than just hydration, reaching for beverages to meet a wide range of need states in their quest for health and vitality.

Our Theme: Health & Vitality through Nutritional Function + Flavor

Functional beverages are shifting into the mainstream in a significant way. While hydration is the #1 need state that beverages solve for consumers, functional benefits such as energy, immunity, and brain health are also high on the list. 

woman looking at drink in store

Many consumers are replacing conventional beverages with better-for-you beverages that can support their mental and physical health. We’re seeing energy drinks evolving with more natural ingredients and less sugar to reach a broader consumer base and new beverage launches targeting specific health concerns—such as hydration for immune health with zinc, iodine, selenium, and protein, or for brain health, with choline, B vitamins, and adaptogens like ashwagandha. And it’s not just about function anymore.  Consumers expect their beverages to taste amazing.


Join Us for Our Health & Vitality Trend Talks

At our booth, presenters Sonja Matthews from our Insights team and Jeff Mahoney from our Foodarom team will be presenting a series of short insights presentations we’re calling Trend Talks that preview our latest proprietary consumer survey analysis while discussing the importance of function plus flavor in today’s functional foods & beverages. We’ll be hosting the talks daily at our booth on Wednesday and Thursday, October 25-26th.  Each brief 15-minute Trend Talk will address a different aspect of the broader theme "Building New Routes to Health & Vitality," including:

  • Reframing Hydration at 10:30am each day
  • Reframing Energy at 12:30pm each day 
  • Reframing Immunity at 2:30pm each day
  • Reframing Brain Health at 4:30pm each day
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The trend toward proactive management of health and vitality is empowering for consumers but also has the potential to be overwhelming. Our Trend Talks highlight the ways brands can reframe their approach to these need states so they can offer products that will truly address the needs of today's consumers.

Try Our Samples

Another reason to stop by is to try some of our Health & Vitality ingredient solutions in product samples to see for yourself the opportunities unfolding in the Health & Vitality space:

  • CapsiAtra® Lemon Ginger Gummies – featuring CapsiAtra, a superior alternative to capsaicin without the adverse effects like pungency, elevated heart rate, and elevated blood pressure.
  • CuroWhite® Vegan Chai Tea Gummies – featuring CuroWhite, a colorless curcumin for immune support and antioxidant activity
  • Lemon Bioferrin® 2000 Jelly Beans – featuring Bioferrin 2000 lactoferrin for immune support and/or iron modulation
  • Electric Punch and Tropical Electric Punch Effervescent Electrolyte Drink Mix – featuring All N™ Effervescent Electrolyte Premix Blend and Foodarom Flavors
  • Cyber Treat Relaxation Drink Mix— featuring All N™ Relax Premix Blend and Foodarom Flavors

Regarding the last two bullet points, you can also find the same drink mixes at the Foodarom booth #2651 nearby, as Foodarom is a Glanbia Nutritionals company and we collaborated to create these great tasting, great functioning beverages. With these drink mixes, we’re showcasing how you can optimize both function and flavor when you work on your next project with us.

See You at the Show

We look forward to seeing you at the show! Stop by our booth to say hello, sample our latest ingredients for Health & Vitality beverages and other products, and to attend our Trend Talks on how consumers are using beverages to pursue health and vitality.

Learn more about what’s in store at SupplySide West 2023.


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