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Microgenerations in the Time of COVID-19 Webinar

How is Each Responding to the Global Pandemic?

First presented at SHIFT20, this insights deep-dive explores how each microgeneration has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What You’ll Learn

Building off of Glanbia Nutritionals’ Generation Me 2020 MegaTrend Guide, we’ve mined primary research from the current pandemic to understand how each microgeneration is reacting, and how that impacts the market today. How has shopping changed for Nouveau Millennials? For what benefits are Leading Boomers taking VMS? Is Z Tribe exercising more? Or less? We’ll dive into each of these trend questions, and more, to understand the differences between the microgenerational responses – and gain insight into how these differences may impact their future behavior.

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 Meet The Presenter

 Emily Hallock
 Primary Research Manager, Glanbia Nutritionals

Emily specializes in the creation and execution of quantitative and qualitative research methods on the food and beverage industry. She has substantial expertise researching the  food industry, including foodservice and CPG dynamics, having spent five years with Technomic. Her educational background in Food Anthropology and 10 years of prior experience in the foodservice industry provide her with a strong knowledge base for in-depth research and data.

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