BarHarvest® Pea Protein Series

More function. Less compromise.

Pea proteins that are functionally designed to allow for high levels of protein fortification without compromising taste and texture.

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Performance, active, and health-conscious consumers are showing interest in plant-based proteins.*

pea powder

BarHarvest® Pea Proteins 

BarHarvest 801 - ≥76% high-quality partially hydrolyzed pea protein
BarHarvest 900 & 901 - ≥73% high-quality pea protein

BarHarvest® 900 & 901 Provide an Even Better Eating Experience

See the difference in moisture and color

Higher levels of protein can be achieved without compromising texture.

Get in touch to learn how you can provide your consumers with advanced pea protein functionality in bars, snacks and baked goods.

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*Glanbia Nutritionals Usage & Attitude Survey, 2022 (n=501)

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