336% Boost in Plant-Based Nitric Oxide (NO) for Superior Performance

Sports performance products with nitric oxide claims continue to flourish with an increase of +10% CAGR (2012-2016) in new launches featuring this benefit1. Consumers continue show interest in NO supplements with performance product social discussions including mention of nitric oxide 34% more than any other key term in a one month period2. However not all performance products are created equal.

Many pre-workout sports performance products:

  • Lack lasting effects
  • Take longer to produce a response
  • Include stimulants
  • Require large doses
  • Originate from non plant-based sources
  • Are not scientifically supported

FitNox® Gives Your Pre-Workout Products the Advantage

100% plant-based – Free of stimulants with no compromise on performance

Driven by Patent Pending Plant-Based Matrix Technology

FitNox contains three key botanical extracts to provide a superior impact on vasodilation & endurance by increasing NO levels within the body without the addition of nitrates. The botanical components of FitNox are contained inside a protective plant-based matrix through Polar-Nonpolar-Sandwich (PNS) technology.

  • Ensures the bioactive components are well protected 
  • Provides enhanced solubility and absorption3 
  • Allows for no carriers or binders to be needed
plantbased matrix new

Studies Show Positive Results for Increased Nitric Oxide and Endurance

FitNox has been scientifically shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels up to 336% thereby promoting increased vasodilation and blood flow. It supports many of the components related to NO production and improved endurance by minimizing the factors that cause fatigue and limit performance.8

Fast Acting Effect on Nitrate and Nitrite Levels8

A short term (1 day) study was performed to investigate whether oral intake of 250 mg of FitNox is able to increase nitrate (NO3−) and nitrite (NO2−) levels in blood serum and saliva of healthy adults. These are widely accepted markers for indicating the level of nitric oxide within the body 9,10.

nitrate short term study
  • Nitrate and Nitrite levels significantly increased at 1 hour following a single dose of FitNox (p<0.05) in blood and saliva measurements.
  • Nitrate and nitrite levels in blood and saliva remained significantly elevated (p < 0.05) for 10 hours post dose.


Short term supplementation with FitNox significantly increases Nitrate and Nitrite levels with a fast acting (1 hour) and long lasting (10 hours) response which indicates the ability for immediate elevation in nitric oxide levels for improved pump and blood flow.

A long term (22 day) study was performed to investigate the efficacy of oral intake of 250 mg of FitNox on physical endurance in healthy male adults before and after exercise. Measurements were taken in regards to nitrate and nitrite (PK), Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), Malondialdehyde (MDA), dopamine and exercise efficiency.11

Long Lasting Cumulative Effect on Nitrate and Nitrite Levels11

long term study nitrate
  • Concentrations of Nitrate increased 31% before exercise and 45% after exercise. 
  • Concentrations of Nitrite increased 49% before exercise and 47% after exercise.


Long term supplementation with FitNox significantly increases Nitrate and Nitrite levels before and after exercise which indicates its ability to provide long lasting elevated levels of nitric oxide over an extended period of time for improved pump and blood flow. 

Reduces Markers for Muscle Fatigue11

long term study muscle fatigue
  • FitNox significantly decreased LDH levels compared to placebo both before and after exercise. 
  • FitNox reduced MDA levels by 47% from day 0 to day 22.


Long term supplementation with FitNox significantly reduces oxidative stress to the muscles and tissues during exercise, helping to prevent fatigue and promote endurance.

Raises Dopamine Levels11

Dopamine concentration was significantly increased by 36% from day 0 to day 22 (P<0.05)


Long term supplementation with FitNox significantly increased dopamine levels which may contribute to enhance physical performance and endurance due to dopamine’s positive effect on movement, mood and motivation.


Helps Improve Endurance11

long term study in endurance

Those taking FitNox demonstrated an 18% improvement in efficiency compared to the placebo (P<0.05).


Long term supplementation with FitNox significantly increased efficiency and time to exhaustion which indicates the ability to help improve endurance and performance.

Ideal for Pre-Workout Applications

* Statistically different at P<0.05
** Statistically different at P<0.01
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