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The need for energy-supporting beverage, supplement and food products has never been more relevant than now for consumers who seek these products out for various needs, such as to proactively sustain energy or to reactively refuel or recover. Until now, formulating beverages containing energy-boosting ATP has been a challenge. Standard sources of ATP degrade rapidly under typical high-heat beverage processing conditions and over the shelf-life of the finished beverage. OptiATP provides an optimized form of ATP that remains stable in beverages, allowing you to explore product line expansion into the energy and sports beverage markets.

Consumers show interest in these performance-related claims.

Consumers have concerns when it comes to consuming energy and sports products.

What is Adenosine 5-Triphosphate (ATP)?

ATP is the primary source of cellular energy for all living things.

  • Energy-carrying molecule - Provides energy to drive many processes and functions
  • Signaling molecule - Released by cells to send messages to nearby nerves, muscles and blood vessels

ATP supports:

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Why OptiATP?

Optimized Stability 

Patented encapsulation technology applied to protect the ATP when used in applications that are

  • Low pH/High acid
  • High heat processed

Positive long-term stability in ready-to-drink beverages.

  • 46% more stable at 12 months vs. standard forms of ATP in aseptic hot-fill ready-to-drink beverages5

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Proven Clinical Study Results 

Boosts Muscular Power Output6
Improves the muscle’s contractibility, force, and endurance properties.

Increases Total Strength by 147% vs. Training Alone7
Results in an increase in weight lifted and the number of repetitions per set.

Increases Power by 30% vs. Placebo7
Significant increases in vertical jump power.

Increases Lean Body Mass by 100% vs. Placebo7
Significantly increases lean body mass and muscle thickness.

Reduces Muscular Fatigue8,9
Improves muscular endurance, increasing benefits as more repetitions are performed.

Improves blood flow up to 54% as a result of increasing levels of ATP in red blood cells causing improved vasodilation.

Reduces Mental Fatigue & Improves Cognitive Performance10
Helps to mitigate deficits in several cognitive tasks before and after high-intensity exercise.

Improves reaction time by preventing the decline in proactive visuomotor reaction time following high-intensity exercise.

Fueling Change: The Shifting Dynamics of Energy Needs in Food and Beverage

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