Plant-Based Frozen Desserts Take on New Levels of Ease

Working with us makes it easier and tastier to incorporate a variety of plant-based ingredients into great tasting frozen products.  Explore the possibilities of incorporating clean-label plant-based ingredients that boost protein and fiber in dairy ice cream or plant-based frozen desserts.  



  • All of our plant-based ingredients are gluten-free, non-GMO, and Kosher
  • Replace traditional gums such as guar with consumer recognizable ingredients such as flaxseed and oats


  • Oats are perfect to add to plant-based frozen desserts and ice cream due to their creamy texture and neutral taste that is easy to flavor
  • Decrease calories of ice cream without losing the creamy texture using our oat and pea protein ingredients
  • We specialize in flavoring proteins and can work with your team to meet indulgent flavors trends for plant-based frozen desserts and ice creams


  • Increase the fiber and protein content in ice cream without losing flavor
  • Plant proteins can provide a satiety effect
  • Oats can also replace cream to lower calories and increase fiber content


  • Our heat treatment systems ensure the highest level of food safety. Our flax manufacturing facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is now 100% powered by renewable energy.
  • OatSecuretm is a closed loop system that guarantees traceability from the grower to you
  • Our BevOattm and BevFlaxtm ingredients can meet consumer interest in traceability and transparency by highlighting the geographical origin of the oats
  • Adding information about how oats are farmed can provide a rich brand story, strong global availability, and low environmental impact

Consumer Trends

Meet consumer trends for great tasting indulgent frozen desserts with added protein, fiber using clean label, plant-based ingredients.  


73% of US consumers agree that indulgences are permissible in a healthy diet, but why sacrifice health for indulgence?1 The ice cream market, in particular, is ready for more recipes that balance indulgence with added nutrition.


In 2018, consumers stated they are buying more healthy foods than a year ago.2 In the same year, ice cream product launches bearing high/added protein claims grew an impressive +237%  compared to 2017.** Consumers seek out healthy ingredients such as protein and fiber. 


In the US, 74% of consumers want more transparency in food and drink ingredients.3  Additionally, 71% of US consumers wish food companies were more transparent about how they manufacture products.4

PLANT-BASED SOLUTIONS for delicious frozen desserts & ice cream

  • BevOat™ & BevOat Low Viscosity - Our BevOat solutions maintain nutrition, add fiber and have a creamy texture, perfect for healthier ice cream and frozen desserts.  OatSecuretm, our NSF-certified, closed-loop supply chain guarantees BevOat has less than 10ppm gluten.  BevOat is 100% whole grain oat flour.
  • BevEdge™ Pea Protein- BevEdge Pea Protein meets consumers' desire for higher protein ice cream.  BevEdge Pea Protein is a unique ingredient that has excellent stability and smooth texture made from 100% pea protein.
  • BevFlax™ XtraSmooth- BevFlax solutions combine excellent stability and a smooth mouth-feel with the exceptional nutritional value of protein, fiber, and ALA Omega-3.  Our MeadowPure™ selection system ensures our BevFlax XtraSmooth has a guaranteed shelf life of two years, maintains nutrition and is easy to incorporate into ice cream and frozen desserts.  BevFlax solutions are made from 100% milled flaxseed.


Our R&D group is available to work with your team to advise on custom formulations and ingredient selection that can enhance texture, flavor and nutrition for both ice cream and plant-based frozen desserts.


Glanbia Nutritionals make nutritious delicious.  We have solutions and expertise in flavoring and masking plant-based ingredients and protein. Collaborate with us to explore new spicy and indulgent flavor trends. Here are some exciting new options:

  • Chili Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate Bourbon
  • Irish Cream
  • Kahlua Coffee
  • Spicy Caramel
  • Rum Peach
  • Mint Mojito

Ask your Glanbia Nutritionals representative for samples of our delicious plant-based, low sugar, high protein frozen dessert prototypes. 

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