Premixes: The Benefits and How to Choose the Right Partner

Consuming a healthy, balanced diet with the right amounts of all the essential nutrients is fundamentally important to keeping the body running smoothly. However, a large number of consumers are falling short on certain nutrients. Fortification has proven to be an essential method to shore up deficiencies in the diet. Find out how Custom Premixes give food manufacturers the ability to provide solutions to this problem and the things to look out for when choosing a premix partner.

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Title Premixes: The Benefits and How to Choose the Right Partner
Published November 01, 2023


Essential micronutrients—the micronutrients the body can’t produce or produces in insufficient amounts—must be consumed through diet or supplementation. For many of us, these essential nutrients may be at a higher risk of deficiency based on current dietary patterns. In the latest guidelines, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium have all been identified as nutrients of public concern. Here is a look at the micronutrients in that group and the effects deficiency may have.

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