Truly Grass Fed® Proteins

Truly Grass Fed® Proteins


Promiko® Whey Protein Isolate & Solmiko® Milk Protein Concentrate & Isolate

Consumers are increasingly becoming concerned with how their food and supplement products are made and what position manufacturers and brand owners are taking when it comes to certain sustainability measures.

The Truly Grass Fed® Advantage

A premium grass-fed ingredient brand from our Ireland-based partner Tirlán, Truly Grass Fed is a revolution in modern dairy that evokes a return to the basics. Small herds and a passion for the art of farming. Clean, wholesome dairy made by happy, healthy cows that graze in open pastures on Irish family farms.

Commitment to Sustainability

A dedication to practical measures to improve nutrient management and animal welfare, enhance biodiversity through responsible hedgerow and farm management, and focus on water and air quality at the farm level.


Restoring and enhancing soil health, with 100% of our milk suppliers having a Nutrient Management Plan, Soil Testing and Fertilizer Program by 2025.


Protect water quality, with 100% of our milk suppliers in priority areas for action having Water Quality Plans in place by 2025.

Animal Welfare

Safeguard animal health and welfare, with 100% of our milk suppliers being certified to A Greener World Animal Welfare Approved Standard by 2025.


Supported carbon sequestration and helped to break nutrient loss pathway by planting 100,000 native trees and hedges in 2021.

Our Truly Grass Fed® Whey & Milk Proteins

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Promiko® Truly Grass Fed® SFL – Whey Protein 

A highly pure whey protein isolate containing the full spectrum of undenatured proteins naturally found in whey.

  • 87% protein 
  • Instantized using sunflower lecithin, which allows the powder to disperse easily in liquids.
  • Soluble over a wide pH range
  • Neutral flavor
  • Ideal for use in ready-to-mix powders.
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Solmiko® Truly Grass Fed® - Milk Protein Concentrate & Isolate 

MPC and MPI spray-dried powder manufactured from fresh ultrafiltered skim milk. A good source of native micellar casein and whey proteins in the same ratio as found naturally in milk.

  • Low bacterial counts
  • Reduced lactose
  • Excellent clean flavor
  • Heat stable
  • Elevated protein content
  • Good solubility
  • Rich in milk calcium
  • Low viscosity in high protein applications
  • Ideal for use in ready-to-mix powders, ready-to-drink beverages, bars & snacks. 

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