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Our understanding of end consumers, category trends and end-to-end product development helps our customers bring winning products to market.

From newborns, to professional bodybuilders to aging grandparents, our solutions span a wide range of consumer categories. But they all start with a deep respect for the people they will nourish, and they all share the goal of helping people live happier, healthier lives.


Bars, Cereals, Snacks
Bars, Cereals & Snacks

With in-demand ingredients and the most functional formulations, our innovations help customers consistently lead the market.


Glanbia Nutritionals is constantly breaking new ground with cheeses that are delicious, nutritious and functional.

Sports & Performance Nutrition

Our industry-leading nutritional solutions help both serious athletes and everyday enthusiasts build muscle, accelerate recovery and increase endurance.

Early Life
Early Life Nutrition

Our nutritional solutions meet the highest safety standards and support healthy physical and cognitive development, through all stages of childhood.

Functional Beverage
Functional Beverage

Our deep understanding of end-to-end beverage development can make your beverages more functional and your brand more appealing.

fresh dairy
Fresh Dairy

We help customers make dairy products with superior texture, flavor, mouthfeel and viscosity.

Clinical Medical Nutrition
Clinical & Medical Nutrition

We can help customers create better patient outcomes with science-based ingredients that meet the highest food safety standards.

Dressings Sauces & Spreads
Dressings, Sauces & Spreads

We help our customers create more appealing products with ingredients that improve texture, flavor, stability and nutrition.


We offer the safest grain solutions available to help customers improve the flavor, texture, stability and nutrition of their products.

Cosmetics & Personal Care
Cosmetics & Personal Care

Our complete line of high-quality nutrients helps customers create products that support healthy skin and overall beauty from within.

Animal Nitrition
Animal Nutrition

Our nutritional solutions help customers improve the overall health and development of both livestock and companion animals.