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Glanbia Nutritionals helps companies deliver top-quality animal nutrition products to improve animal health and development.

Your Partner In Animal Nutrition

For more than three decades, Glanbia Nutritionals has helped many companies deliver top-quality animal nutrition products to improve the overall health and development of both livestock and companion animals.  Our many years of experience means we can help you overcome obstacles and bring your products to market successfully and faster than your competitors.  Our nutrient-rich products are especially designed to improve cell, organ, and the overall physical function of animals to keep them healthy and strong.

World-Class Plant Based Nutrition

When it comes to plant based nutrition, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best.  At Glanbia, we don’t take risks when it comes to the health of people or animals.  That’s why we only produce non-GMO grains & seeds that are minimally processed and free of chemicals, allergens and gluten, making them the safest grain solutions on the market.

World-Class Micronutrient Straights

Producing a nutrition product that helps animals achieve optimal health and development requires having the right partner.  From our vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals and herbs, Glanbia is a partner that can provide you with solutions to help fortify your animal nutrition products.

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Having a broad portfolio of solutions is important, but what really matters is knowing how to make ingredients work, whether individually in applications or optimizing how they work together to create standout products.  This is what we are in the business of doing.  Many brands around the world have decided to partner with Glanbia to bring products from concept to shelf successfully.  When you partner with Glanbia, you get access to a team of professionals that have a relentless pursuit of quality and a wholehearted commitment to keeping both people and animals healthy.

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