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With products in over 130 countries, Glanbia Nutritionals is an industry leader in cereal bar development.

Your Partner In Cereal Bar Development

When it comes to bringing cereal bars from concept to shelf successfully, it’s essential you have the right partner.  In this highly competitive industry, it’s not enough to just know what cereal bars to develop; you need to know how to develop them.  With products in over 130 countries, sales & technical support in 14 countries, & manufacturing facilities in 7 countries, Glanbia Nutritionals has learned a thing or two about cereal bar development.  For over 30 years, Glanbia has partnered with many of the leading nutritional brands to help them overcome obstacles and bring cereal bars to market with top-quality ingredients, textures, and flavors consumers love.  With in-demand ingredients and the most functional formulations, our innovations help customers consistently lead the market.  Our functional ingredients and extensive portfolio of non-GMO, allergen- and gluten-free grains help our customers meet the ever-growing demand for healthy, on-the-go cereal bar options.


It’s About Starting Off On The Right Foot

When you work with Glanbia, you’ll find we take an interest in getting to know your brand, and more importantly, your objectives.  Your cereal bar development process will be tailor-made to meet your business goals by making sure we understand your nutritional targets, labeling requirements, flavor expectations and other factors to help us define the process.  


It’s About Overcoming Challenges

After working with many of the leading nutritional brands for the past 30 years, we’ve seen our share of challenges such as bars that are too sticky, too brittle, have too short of a shelf life - among an assortment of other obstacles.  So how do companies overcome these kinds of issues without compromising taste, texture, or format?  They partner with Glanbia.  With extensive experience in overcoming challenges, we have broadened our portfolio of protein ingredients to demonstrate how different proteins can be used in different components of the bar from the coating to the core, and to layering systems like caramel, fruits and nut butters. All of this research has resulted in maximum nutritional value without a compromise to taste, texture or format.


It’s About Ongoing Research

All markets evolve, and the bar industry is no exception.  Being an industry leader demands driving the change and not simply keeping up with it.  So, how does a company drive change?  Research...and lots of it.  At Glanbia, we don’t limit our research to simply designing new proteins for different uses and formats; we are expanding our applications.  Our research has also shown that consumers’ expectations go beyond flavor and performance.  We are also seeing growth in whole food bars that promote fiber and fortification.  With these observations and years of continuous research, we are developing ingredient solutions that are specific to new consumer demands which are, in turn, driving the industry.

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