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Glanbia Nutritionals helps companies produce high-quality clinical & medical nutrition products that help the world experience better health.

Your Partner In Clinical & Medical Nutrition Solutions

It’s extremely rewarding to be part of an industry where the mission is to improve the lives of others.  For over 30 years, Glanbia Nutritionals has proudly come alongside many of the leading nutritional brands to help produce high-quality clinical and medical nutrition products that help people in over 130 countries experience better health.  Our expertise across disciplines—from R&D, to production, to logistics—helps our customers solve problems and create better patient outcomes with science-based ingredients that meet the highest food safety standards.  

The Right Kind Of Partner

Developing nutrition products that effectively help the body fight and overcome medical conditions takes the right kind of partner.  So, what is the right kind of partner?  Well, you need a partner who knows from experience how to overcome obstacles during product development.  You need a partner who will stand with you through thick and thin to ensure your product doesn’t go to market until it’s 100% ready.  You need a partner you can trust and who relentlessly pursue quality.  You need Glanbia.

World-Class Ingredients

Glanbia Nutritionals offers a variety of dairy and plant-based proteins specifically designed with optimal nutrition to be used in a multitude of clinical and medical applications.  Our vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals and herbs can fortify your clinical & medical nutrition products and provide the essential building blocks for overall health and wellness.  We combine the highest quality ingredients to create custom premixes that help your clinical & medical nutrition products perform better—nutritionally, functionally and operationally.

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