Cheese Innovation

Glanbia Nutritionals - Your Partner in Cheese Innovation

Partnering with Glanbia means receiving award-winning cheeses of the highest quality that are made at a scale that always assures supply.  Learn more.

When it comes to cheese, how can one cheese provider noticeably stand out from the rest and become a trusted industry leader?  Is it about having the right technology?  Could the solution be innovation?  Maybe having the right partner is the secret?  The answer is - yes.
Working with Glanbia is much more than just hiring a cheese manufacturer to bring your product to market.  Glanbia is in the business of building brands and helping companies - like yours - create cheese products that exceed consumer expectations.  
Glanbia Nutritionals has been a global leader in cheese manufacturing for over three decades.  We work with some of the world’s leading nutritional brands; delivering high-quality cheeses to over 130 countries.  

Our Mission

Our mission is about you and helping you deliver the best possible cheese products to your customers.  Glanbia is fully equipped to help your company break down barriers and bring quality cheese products to market faster than your competitors by giving you full access to our scientific expertise, consumer insights, and operational knowledge.  

We stand alongside our clients as partners - through thick and thin - to provide innovative, safe, & high-quality cheese products.

Our Quality Standards

At Glanbia, quality is at the center of all we do, and we never stop pursuing new ways to increase the quality of our products.

We know that delivering cheese products of the highest quality that also meet other consumer demands like texture and flavor means everyone wins.  This is why each and every member of the Glanbia team makes quality their first priority.  

When you partner with Glanbia, you can rest assured your company will receive award-winning cheeses of the highest quality that are made at a scale that always assures supply.  

We’re Shaping the Future of Cheese Through Innovation

Like most markets, the cheese market is constantly changing which is why innovation is paramount to succeeding long-term.
For this reason, Glanbia continues to invest in research and development in order to create the right conditions to generate breakthrough change so our customers stay ahead of an ever-evolving market.
To make sure we leave no stone unturned, we’ve developed our state of the art Glanbia Nutritionals Cheese Innovation Center solely dedicated to the research, innovation, and improvement of cheese.  Our facilities & capabilities include:

  • analytical laboratory
  • cheese processing lab
  • culinary laboratory
  • milk processing room
  • pasteurized cheese lab
  • pilot production facility
  • cheese processing
  • cheese flavoring
  • fortified cheese development

Our innovation center allows our customers to collaborate directly with us to create solutions and bring new opportunities to the marketplace.  Additionally, our customers get access to our pilot scale cheese production facility offering an entire network of equipment, resources and experts, so you have the flexibility to explore and develop new cheese products, processes and solutions.

Here are a few of our popular cheeses:


Glanbia Nutritionals’ Monterey Jack Cheese has won multiple international awards. It remains a favorite base cheese for multiple inclusions due to its mild, complementary flavor that allows other ingredients to shine.


Herbes de Provence is a delicate blend of thyme, rosemary, savory, and fennel with a hit of lavender that provides a subtle yet noticeable flavor to this classic cheese.


Cheddar cheese is not just one of our cheese offerings, it is our passion. Glanbia Nutritionals’ cheddar cheeses have won numerous US and World Cheese Championship medals. It provides a bold flavor backdrop that brings out the best in its pairing.


Roasted garlic provides a deep, earthy flavor while our fresh dried chive adds a unique brightness and depth.


Glanbia Nutritionals’ European Style Gouda is buttery and nutty with hints of sweetness. This Gouda is one of our favorite cheeses because of its distinct flavor profile and ability to stand on its own or lend its unique flavor to enhance an inclusion.


Sourced from California and specifically selected to complement Gouda’s buttery flavor, this sweet onion is picked and dried at the peak of ripeness to capture the onion’s robust flavor and is oven-dried for a caramelized color and sweet flavor profile.

Partnering With Glanbia

When you make the decision to partner with Glanbia, you gain a trusted collaborator that will help you knock down barriers, so that you can reach your business goals.  

Partnering with Glanbia also means you get to work side-by-side with our research and development team and scientists.  This close working relationship typically leads to achieving milestones and getting your product on the market much faster.  

At Glanbia, from concept to shelf, we’re with you every step of the way.  So, why wait?  Reach out to a Glanbia representative today to learn more.

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