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HydroMax for Pre-Workout

As the sports nutrition industry swells, consumers are “pumped” for more powerful pre-workout supplements.

Breaking beyond the boundaries of the bodybuilding scene, pre-workout supplements have made it into the shaker bottles of just about every type of athlete out there. From the extreme sportsmen to the hardcore CrossFit community, active consumers from all kinds of backgrounds are beginning to recognize the benefits of a pre-workout pick-me-up before their sweat session.

As more emphasis is placed on the importance of regular activity and exercise, consumers are lacing up their sneakers and opening up their wallets to invest in their fitness.1,2  As we work to widdle down our waistlines, the bottom line for the sports and lifestyle nutrition industry continues to grow. In fact, the sports and lifestyle nutrition market is projected to balloon to a staggering $14 billion in sales by 2023 thanks to a 9% annual growth rate.3

There is a significant beneficiary of this impressive growth trajectory. The pre-workout category, which is projected to increase by 7% by 2023 and currently sits at an estimated $800 million.3,4 With no signs of slowing down, it’s expected that those numbers will only continue to grow.

While the explosion of the pre-workout category is impressive, it’s not entirely surprising. As consumers continue to prioritize their health with regular exercise, they still juggle busy lives with hectic schedules. Many are choosing to sip down a workout-boosting supplement before they work up a sweat. So whether or not they’re a fitness fiend or merely an active “average joe” with a full schedule, they’re grabbing for a pre-workout to power-up their workouts.


Set Your Supplement Apart

As the market demand continues to explode, so has the number of pre-workout supplements available to the selective consumer. From 2013-2018 alone, the North American sports and lifestyle market saw a 39.8% annual increase in product launches that featured a pre-workout supplement.5 At Glanbia Nutritionals, our goal was to develop the industry’s first stable, high-concentration glycerol powder that could set a pre-workout apart within a saturated supplement category. Consumers are choosing products that promise a competitive edge for all types of exercise endeavors. In response, we’ve formulated a pump Ingredient that allows brands to deliver the results their customer is looking for.

HydroMax® provides an extremely effective dose of glycerol powder that is coveted by the active consumer. From the muscle-building mavens that frequent the gym to the pavement striders who seek sustained stamina, the benefits of HydroMax will appeal to all athletes. With established results for increasing exercise efficacy6, HydroMax is the gold standard for a pump focused powdered pre-workout. With 65% shelf-stable glycerol, HydroMax outperforms conventional glycerol monostearate, or GMS. GMS can only reach a 5-12% concentration thanks to its hydrophilic nature, which contributes to the extreme level of clumping in powder.

HydroMax allows manufacturers to supply ten times more active material glycerol than standard GMS products. The result is a pre-workout formula that is water dispersible while providing a higher dose of glycerol, without high levels of clumping. So while it may not be simple science, it is simply science that sets HydroMax apart from other pump ingredients.


HydroMax for Every Athlete

To match the consumers’ high standard for their workouts and their supplements, brands must pump-out pre-workout products that can keep up. Depending on the style of exercise, each athlete will have specific needs to be met to help them achieve their goals. A performance-focused consumer may benefit from glycerol powder. These runners, triathletes, and cyclists strive for staying power to support their sport, so they’ll need a supplement that’ll take them from starting line to first place finish.

The physique athlete is targeting a pre-workout supplement that will support muscle development during strength training. These gym-goers set out to achieve hyperemia, known commonly as the workout “pump,” that’s the quintessential standard of an excellent hypertrophy workout. During resistance training, the increased look of muscle volume is the result of an improved rate of blood flow and hyperhydration of the tissue. The powdered glycerol in HydroMax absorbs quickly and distributes throughout the intracellular space, increasing the concentration of fluid in the skeletal muscle.7,8 The net effect is a more dramatic pump effect that is highly desired by those who weight train consistently.


Perfecting Your Pre-Workout with HydroMax

As the emphasis on physical activity continues to reach a wider audience, it’s not surprising that regular exercisers are looking to step up their fitness with pre-workout supplements. With 60% of the active population now consuming either a pre or post workout product 9, consumers are raising the bar with exercise and implementing a supplement strategy to follow suit. Our trusted, stable, and accurate HydroMax formula addresses the needs of today’s diverse pump pre-workout consumer. Whether or not they exercise for endurance or are focused on achieving that all-important “pump” effect, HydroMax will take a product from "middle of the pack" to the top-place finishers’ podium. With Hydromax on the label, consumers will purchase their pre-workout with the confidence that it is the best, and is made with the best.


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