Innovation in Cheese

It’s not just about cheddar or mozzarella anymore.

Glanbia Nutritionals' Cheese Innovation Center (also called the CIC) has become the place to come when bringing innovative cheese flavors to life. This product innovation center is the answer to branded and private label cheese converters desire to deliver more variety of cheese to the market. The CIC is delivering new global cheese styles, unique flavors and innovative inclusions every day.

Understanding the entire dairy product supply chain, from milk pick up on the farm to final aging requirements, is critical to commercialization. And we here at Glanbia Nutritionals have a detailed understanding of all the complexities involved in bringing specialty cheese concepts from small scale to large scale cheese production.

The Cheese Innovation scientists always work on new projects with the end in mind, utilizing the strictest food safety and quality measures. The Innovation Center master pilot plant production facility streamlines the process of moving products from concept to shelf faster.

To give you a feel for what's possible at the CIC, let's take a deep dive into our innovative "Life is Gouda" range. Our team of scientists developed a plethora of gouda styles at the Cheese Innovation Center to meet a specific consumer demand.

New Styles of Cheese Prove Innovation Success: Life is Gouda

Born in the Netherlands in the sixth century, Gouda has found its way into the hearts and stomachs around the world. In fact, Gouda is on the Top 10 Fastest Growing Cheeses at Retail when it comes to volume growth (IDDBA). Seeing the love of Gouda growing, our cheese scientists went to work to develop a gamut of Gouda offerings to showcase the diverse flavors and tastes from around the world.

Since Gouda tastes vary as much as cheddar does from different producers from around the world, our cheesemakers used sensory work to develop a range of flavors from mild to bold by using different cultures (a natural ingredient in cheese that helps express all the flavors) and leveraging the science behind pH development.


Mild Flavor: Melt N’ Shred Gouda

Perfect for cooking, this cheese can enhance shred quality and has controlled melt properties- meaning it won’t run all over your plate but will taste super creamy! With less free oil than higher Fat on a Dry Basis*, Melt N’ Shred Gouda is perfect for lasagna and quesadillas.

cheese flavor customer research
cheese flavor customer research


Creamy, Nutty Flavor: Euro Style Gouda

Honoring the Dutch Gouda tradition with a new American boldness, our Euro Inspired Gouda has the functionality consumers are asking for with a with subtly caramelized notes. This cheese is perfect for snacking.

cheese customer research
cheese customer research


Bold Accelerated Aged Gouda

Beautiful, nutty and pineapple notes bring this old world taste to any dish. Designed to decrease the time it takes to get the aged Gouda flavors, this cheese can be aged at heightened temperature to deliver flavors in months vs. years.

cheese customer research
cheese customer research

Smoky Gouda

Our Smoky Gouda walks a fine line between its flavors of mild Gouda and Hickory Smoke. The smooth texture and full taste are perfect for enhancing a cheese plate or infusing a dish with rich, smoky flavor.

cheese customer research
cheese customer research


Our Cheese Innovation Center is here to provide our customer s with resources and knowledge to bring Gouda or your next big IT cheese to the market. Glanbia Nutritionals is the place where the next wave of innovation begins. Reach out to us today!


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