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Up Iron, Without Upsetting Stomachs

Glanbia’s Bioferrin® Lactoferrin provides a gentle, more bioavailable and safe delivery of iron to the body.

Iron is essential for overall health and is the number one micronutrient deficiency worldwide1. It’s also one of the trickiest to supplement because it can irritate the intestines. Thirty nine (39%) of consumers are adding iron supplements to their daily diets2. Bioferrin® is a better, gentler way for more than 35% of woman looking for alternative sources to boost their iron3; whether to improve their overall health or to supplement for specific health needs like menopause, pregnancy or menstruation. For the 56% of male and female athletes with iron deficiencies4, Bioferrin® is also an excellent iron-balancing solution for increasing endurance and accelerating post-exercise muscle recovery,

Bioferrin®, Glanbia’s lactoferrin is a superior, more bioavailable way to balance iron. Rather than adding other iron sources, which have been shown to cause intestinal inflammation4, Bioferrin® binds to the iron already present, helping the body absorb more of it – balancing iron without upsetting the stomach. Lactoferrin has been shown in clinical research to be more bioavailable, increasing serum ferritin levels 5.8x which allows for a more efficient absorption of iron, compared to other iron sources. It has also been proven to support the body’s natural inflammatory response as measured by the IL-6 marker5. A glycoprotein naturally derived from milk and produced with a patented clean process, Bioferrin® is the ideal iron support supplement for woman’s health and sports performance, all while keeping stomachs happy.



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