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Lower Carbs, Increased Protein, Great Flavor!

We developed a significant flavor innovation to lower carbohydrate count, optimize flavor delivery and improve protein levels.  Our new flavor technology, CarbOUT™, reduces carbohydrates 50-100% and increases protein 10+%.  

In today’s world, sports enthusiasts and athletes are looking for ways to trim carbohydrates from their diet.  Consumers request products with a higher protein content and fewer carbs.  To solve this challenge, we brought together our unique expertise across disciplines. We used our end-to-end control of the supply chain to pinpoint critical moments when flavor can be improved.  We applied our expertise in molecular protein structure, earned through a long heritage of working with dairy and vegetable proteins, to alter the way we process and combine proteins.  In addition, we collaborated with our flavor scientists at our US and Ireland based Innovation Centers to build new delivery systems for flavors.

CarbOUT nutritional information
CarbOUT facts panel

CarbOUT™ Flavors allow you to easily meet low carbohydrate requirements and remove filler such as maltodextrin and dextrose, for a more pure, protein-packed product.  CarbOUT™ is customizable so formulators can create tailored flavor systems that are on-brand and aligned with consumer tastes.
CarbOUT™ represents an enormous step forward in flavor technology for high protein, low carb products, and it also represents what Glanbia Nutritionals does best: proactively finding opportunities to help our customers succeed, using our reach across the global supply chain to maximize quality and minimize inconsistency, bringing together expertise from a range of food science disciplines to find a more complete solution, and relentlessly innovating as a leader in the nutritional industry.


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