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Glanbia Nutritionals Procurement is helping our customers stay competitive by taking strategic sourcing, market intelligence and supply assurance to a whole new level.

Glanbia Nutritionals Supply Chain

As a global supplier of micro-nutrient premix, Glanbia Nutritionals is committed to supporting our customers by ensuring the blends they require are competitively priced, of excellent quality, and in consistent, reliable supply. We understand the critical timelines associated with the use of premix, and strive to provide premix customers with custom blends that consistently meet ingredient specifications and are delivered on time. Success, by this definition, starts with having stringent processes and a skilled team in place for sourcing raw materials from around the world.

One way we serve our premix customers is by providing insight relative to the ever-changing ingredient market. Every month our Procurement team updates customers on the current global market pricing, changes in cost and availability, and our safety stock of their products to help them navigate a sometimes-volatile supply chain. We also pride ourselves on sourcing materials (including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals, proteins, and grains) that are not only low in price but meet current global pharmacopeia standards. 

In today’s market, there is a constant demand in all supply chain efforts for better information than the competition. Members from our Strategic Product Management, Quality, R&D, Finance, Commercial, Customer Service and other necessary teams meet monthly to analyze data from suppliers and customers. With cross-functional inputs, Procurement creates a comprehensive report of updated market intelligence to evaluate the material options and help our customers make sound supply chain management decisions. 

We do more than source low price materials. We provide quality “c” USP/FCC/JP/EDQM/GB grade ingredients to ensure that our customers’ products are safe for consumption according to their country’s current pharmacopeia. While some suppliers are willing to sell any grade in the US at a lower price, non-compliant ingredients can lead to higher buyer cost and risk — ultimately causing issues in the market by failing to meet current FDA regulations. Even more so, non “c” grade materials aren’t subject to the same testing standards and can be adulterated or modified. The bottom line: Glanbia Nutritionals Procurement sources the safest, purest and most-compliant materials for the country where the final product will be consumed. 

Finally, to be able to adapt more quickly to our customers’ needs, we maintain a material safety stock for up to 60 days for  materials  sourced outside of the country. We pride ourselves in delivering short finished good lead times with quality tested blends or sell the individual ingredients out right. 

At Glanbia Nutritionals, we don’t just distribute materials around the world. Thanks in large part to our Procurement team, we source and qualify our materials globally for maximum safety and purity. 

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