GN employees in cheese plant

Michigan Plant in 2020

Strategic partners finalized for Michigan facility.

Together with DFA and Select Milk Producers, Glanbia plc has finalized a Joint Venture partnership to build, supply and operate the planned new large-scale cheese and whey production facility in Michigan, which is now expected to be commissioned in the second half of 2020. The products produced at the facility will be marketed by Glanbia Nutritionals, a segment of Glanbia plc.

Glanbia will hold 50% of the equity in the new facility, with the other two partners holding the balance of equity. Glanbia will be the operational, technical and commercial partner in the Joint Venture, which mirrors the relationship the partners have in the highly successful SWC Joint Venture. In addition, Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) will continue to participate in the project as a strategic milk supplier.

Pre-engineering and site selection for the project are well underway. Once completed, the new facility will process 8 million pounds (3.6 million liters) of milk per day into a range of cheese (300m lbs. per annum/135,000 metric tons per annum) and whey products for U.S. and international markets. 


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