vegan blends

New Vegan Blends

Boasting 80 percent protein, the new barGainⓇ ingredients offer a synergistic combination of easy-to-process protein blends that allow vegan fortification and provide a softer texture. 

barGainⓇ 700EF is a blend of pea, chia and flaxseed and barGain 701EF contains a mix of pea protein, IP soy and flaxseed. Previously available in whey and soy protein combinations, the barGainⓇ portfolio stands out for its strong water binding properties, clean profile and great functionality.

Designed for products with strong consumer appeal, the new barGainⓇ ingredients utilize Glanbia Nutritionals’ proprietary flavor enhancement technology, EasyFlav™, which neutralizes the off-notes associated with plant proteins and allows manufacturers to fortify vegan products without compromising on taste or using flavor maskers.
Marilyn Stieve, Business Development Manager - Bars, comments: “As a result of Glanbia Nutritionals’ expertise in the production of protein and grain ingredients, the new barGainⓇ blends will enable manufacturers to deliver appealing, vegan, protein-fortified products to tap into the fast-growing demand for vegan-sourced food. Our flavor enhancement technology neutralizes the off-flavors associated with vegan proteins, allowing manufacturers to develop clean and distinct flavors.”

The new barGainⓇ range allows manufacturers to fortify with proteins and enhance texture, flavor and shelf life of sports nutrition, meal replacement and weight management bar applications.

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