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Our Supply Chain and Quality Efforts

Learn about some of our recently adopted strategies aimed at making our supply chain even better.

Glanbia Nutritionals’ Procurement and Global Supply Chain Efforts

Glanbia Nutritionals has become a leading supplier of nutritional products in 130 countries, developed sales and technical support in 14 countries, and established manufacturing facilities in 7 countries.  How did we do it?  We have moved to strategic and implemented a rock solid procurement and global supply chain strategy!  

At Glanbia, there is one thing we know for sure: our success depends on the success of the many companies who choose to partner with us.  This is why, over the last 30 years, we’ve never stopped improving.  We want to share with you some of our recently adopted strategies aimed at making our procurement and global supply chain even better.  

Cloud-Based TMS

At Glanbia, we know a better procurement and global supply chain means greater success for you, our customers.  Moving our transportation, global supply chain, and supplier relationship management systems to the cloud lead to added savings, safety, scalability, and efficiency.  

We’ve turned to an upgraded transportation management system (TMS) to assist us in taking our global supply chain to a whole new level by making it more streamlined and efficient.  TMS access anywhere, anytime, on any device is invaluable.  Among other benefits, this move allows routes and pickups to be requested without hindrance.

Additionally, we have a robust business intelligence suite at our fingertips, so we can more effectively report on key performance indicators to help our organization become even more efficient.  We have begun the integration process at Glanbia operations, and we are moving quickly to implement this new program throughout all our divisions nationwide.

Other Ways We’re Becoming More Efficient

Building a better global supply chain isn’t limited to transportation.  According to Andy Weisel, Procurement Direct Materials and Center of Excellence executive at Glanbia Nutritionals, “We are in the late stages of implementing Ariba supplier relationship management system (SRM).  We would like to further the supplier performance measurement vision of SRM by bringing together in dedicated supplier dashboards and all the pertinent metrics for that supplier. This will support our supplier collaboration and allow customers access to a whole gamut of in-depth information.”

We continually focus on optimizing processes for efficiency.  Whether its specifications and forecasts or invoice submissions and order management, we’re not going to cease from striving to improve our global supply chain until we achieve maximum insight into available stock, supplier information, and transportation.  We are confident this move will further minimize mistakes and lost time related to material orders. This translates into savings and more seamless and reliable systems for everyone.

To learn more about our procurement and global supply chain, and the many benefits of partnering with Glanbia, please contact one of our representatives today.

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