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Top Nutrition Bar Trends in Germany

Learn about the most important trends driving growth in Germany’s nutrition bar market and how brands can address consumers’ evolving needs.

Growth in Germany's Bar Market

With an estimated €317 million in sales last year, Germany’s retail bar market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% through 2025 to reach €433 million.1 Schwartauer Werke continues to lead the category, claiming a 43% market share.2 However, private label also plays a major role in the German bar market, making up 38% of the market.3

Within the bar category, the €40 million retail protein/energy bar segment (CAGR 4-6%, 2020-2025) represents a dynamic area with a number of players competing on innovation.4 The top five brands in the German protein/energy bar market—Myprotein, Multipower, Champ, PowerBar, and Power System—account for 61% of the market, with Myprotein leading at 16% market share.5 During the past three years, brands in the top five saw sales growth ranging from 3 to 7%.6

A Look at 2021 Nutrition Bar Trends in Germany

While the need for convenience is high in Germany due to increasingly busy lifestyles, the focus on health is also growing, especially since the COVID-19 outbreak. This is creating new opportunities in the protein/energy bar segment since these products can deliver healthy convenience along with an enjoyable sensory experience.

Here's a look at Germany’s nutrition bar trends that manufacturers should know:

1. New Texture and Format Experiences

German snack bar consumers are seeking bars that can give them new sensory experiences—especially in texture and format—with 82% indicating they enjoy experimenting with new types of bars.7 These consumers are interested in mini or bite-sized formats (61%), bars with multiple textures (40%), and bars with fillings (37%).8 Innovative product examples include Seeberger Bites 2go for a fun, snackable format and Corny My Style bar in Chocolate Brownie Shake that blends crispy and creamy textures.

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2. Less Sugar

Another trend to watch is German consumers’ demand for products with less sugar. A whopping 55% of Germans think snack bars contain too much sugar.9 "No added sugar" claims are on the rise in bars, showing brands are responding to this need. Last year, 1 in 5 bars launched in Europe featured a ‘no added sugar’ claim; in Germany, this was 1 in 4.10

3. Functional Benefits

German consumers are also expressing interest in bars with specific functional benefits for physical or mental health. For example, 32% of German consumers are interested in snack bars that help them focus, while 29% are interested in bars that can help them relax.11 More than 1 in 3 have an interest in snack bars that can support a healthy gut.12 Bars for weight loss support (such as One Meal +Prime) will be particularly important post-COVID, with protein as a key ingredient. Protein is an in-demand ingredient for a variety of reasons, with 40% of last year’s bar launches in Germany containing a high or added protein claim.13

4. “Cleaner” Bars

Clean label messaging is also trending in Germany’s nutrition bar market as brands look for new ways to stand out as a healthier option and build trust with consumers. Examples of products focusing on clean label strategies include Sponser’s Pure & Natural vegan bar with a "free from additives" claim and Enervit’s The Nature Deal raw bar which features the EU organic logo. Calling out whole food ingredients on the front of the package is another appealing approach.

Collaborate with Glanbia

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