We use advanced processing technologies to make highly effective, science-based bioactive ingredients.

Our range of bioactives are precisely formulated to improve cell, organ and overall body function. We constantly collaborate with new partners to keep our place at the forefront of the category. From muscle growth, to weight management, to heart health and more, our industry-leading bioactives will help your products, and your consumers, perform at their best.

Sports & Performance Nutrition

These ingredients and solutions can help both serious athletes and first time gym goers perform at their personal best.

Our Solutions

PepForm® Peptides

This revolutionary, patent-pending peptide carrier technology improves the solubility and absorption of amino acids. Excellent solution for powder drink mixes, ready-to-mix beverages, tablet, capsule and nutrition bar formats.


A portfolio of partially hydrolyzed whey proteins. Excellent solution for powder drink mix format.

AminoBlast® Technology – BCAAs & EAAs

Provides amino acids with enhanced capabilities, improving their functionality and application performance. Excellent solution for ready-to-drink bevereages, powder drink mixes and gel applications.


A soluble and stable creatine monohydrate for superior performance beverages. Shown to provide improved short term and long term stability. Excellent solution for ready-to-drink beverages and powder drink mixes.


The leader in high-yield 65% glycerol powder, the industry’s first stable and highly concentrated form of powdered glycerol. A convenient way to deliver that all-important pump sensation to athletes engaged in power lifting and body building or regular gym goers looking for an edge. Excellent solution for powder drink mixes, tablets, capsules and soft gels.

Antioxidant & Immunity

These ingredients can help enhance immune response and anti-inflammatory function, promoting overall health and beauty from within.

Our Solutions

Bioferrin® Lactoferrin

This natural, bioactive milk protein is isolated from fresh, sweet whey using advanced fractionation and separation processing technologies. It’s a natural source of iron, an effective antimicrobial and can support immune function. Excellent solution for infant formula, functional food and beverages and dietary supplements.


All of the benefits of curcumin but white for easier manufacturing. The lack of color and the milder taste and smell make it ideal for many applications such as tablets, capsules, powder drink mixes, functional foods, and gummies.

Bone & Joint Health

These ingredients can increase bone health and density by increasing calcium levels and promoting calcium uptake.

Our Solution

TruCal® Milk Mineral Complex

Natural milk minerals for optimal bone health. Excellent solution for powder drink mixes, ready-to-drink beverages, capsules, tablets, yogurt, nutrition bars, processed dairy products, bakery, cereals and snacks.

Sleep & Cognition

These ingredients promote restful sleep and relaxation while providing cognitive benefits. 

Our Solution

PepForm® Tryptophan

Formulate sleep aids with proven next day cognitive benefits that help promote the body’s own natural melatonin without the addition of hormones, in a more soluble and bioavailable way. Excellent solution for powder drink mixes, ready-to-mix beverages, tablet, capsule and nutrition bar formats. 

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