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Healthy Aging - Gen Z

Born from 1997 - 2012, Generation Z comprises the children of Generation X, and they take on a lot of the same traits, although they have plenty of nuances all their own! They are raised to be independent, educated, questioning, and open-minded.

What Gen Z Expects from Brands 

Gen Z—now our largest generation globally—is growing up and approaching food and beverage purchasing in new ways. Brands seeking to connect with Gen Z should understand that Gen Z is diverse, connected, passionate, and drawn to brands that care about the same things they do. 

Gen Zers don’t buy into traditional marketing, instead valuing brands that are authentic, inclusive, and deliver on their promises. They are the first generation to grow up with smart phones and are comfortable using social media to share their experiences and opinions.  

Gen Z's Food and Beverage Purchasing Considerations 

To earn the attention and loyalty of Gen Z consumers, brands should first ask themselves if their products are memorable. This can mean bold flavors, unique visual experiences, or clever packaging. Are they shareable? As a social generation, Gen Z loves to share experiences, including food experiences. 

But those aren’t the only things on Gen Zers minds when deciding which products to buy. They’re also concerned about the environment and find responsibly sourced ingredients and plant-based products appealing.  

In addition, Gen Zers have a high awareness of the importance of physical and mental wellness. This makes them key target consumers for brands selling healthy and functional products, especially those with clean labels. 

Winning with Gen Z 

As Gen Z grows up, brands can support this generation’s healthy aging journey with health-conscious messaging and products that offer a memorable and shareable experience. Gen Zers are eager to change the world, and brands that help them make it happen will find success into the future. 

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